Website Lead (Clicks) campaigns

In this training you learn how to build First Party opt-in website leads in Ternair Clicks, convert web behavior to lead recognition, enrichment and follow-up with personalized campaigns. On your website, in emails and social media audiences!

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What will we do?

  • Half-day training
  • Set up Clicks segments (Preferences, Recency, Volume, Value)
  • Behavior Tagging
  • Combine website behavior data with other data for follow-up campaigns


What does it bring?

  • Your website users are valuable leads
  • Expand First Party Optin data
  • Remarket to the right target groups by omnichannel strategy


For whom?

  • Ternair customers with Clicks module (website recognition)
  • Ternair customers considering Website Recognition


Planning & Investment

  • Half-day training at your location or at Ternair, €295 per participant
  • In-company on request
  • Also as part of Service Pack

From anonymous to lead

To follow up on leads, you must first recognize them. Through content, data and website behavior, we teach you to convert anonymous suspects into concrete leads. Training date and location will be determined in consultation with participants.

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