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We develop and deliver marketing automation solutions and services for medium-sized and large enterprises that want to get more out of their customer data with data-driven 1-to-1 interactions.

Meet our team

The #1 marketing automation software

With Ternair Marketing Cloud, we offer marketing professionals an advanced and user-friendly solution for creating and automating data-driven 1-to-1 campaigns for all channels and touchpoints.

Ternair was named as best company in Marketing Automation Software by Emerce 100 in 2020.

Our beliefs and core values

100% toewijding | Ternair

100% dedication

We are proactive, loyal, involved and always happy to help you. We ensure you get the best tools for marketing automation. Our team has an intrinsic motivation: helping you with data-driven marketing.

Echt vakmanschap | Ternair

Real craftsmanship

Thanks to our many years of experience in our working area, we believe that we may call ourselves marketing automation experts. For us it as an art to change something difficult into something easy.

Licht eigenwijs | Ternair

Slightly stubborn

Our stubborn character ensures that we always keep asking. We want to know ‘the why’ behind your questions. After all, what people ask is not always what they need.

Schrijf je in voor onze Advanced training | Ternair

Details are important

With a fanatical attention in everything we do, we are focused on details and consistency in our work.

Hard werken, hard ontspannen | Ternair

Work hard, play hard

We work hard to continuously get the best out of ourselves and maximize results for our customers, But we belief this is only possible if we also take time to relax. A proper work-life balance is very important to our team.

Behaal nog meer succes met onze partners | Ternair

Customer data is a part our DNA

Since 2006 we support organizations with data-driven marketing. We help organizations to improve, accelerate and automate their data-driven marketing processes by unlocking high volumes of customer data for 1-to-1 communication across all channels and touchpoints.

Meet our people

At Ternair you’ll find committed and down-to-earth professionals. We combine teamwork with a passion to create the best solutions for our customers.

"This is just going to work the first time "

Roy Stoof

.NET developer

""Do not make things difficult, but do together" "

Patrick Fermont

Database developer

"Works on my machine"

Stefan van Houten

.NET developer

"Thinking in solutions "

Eelco Gerritsma

Managing Director

"Don't rush things, but think carefully first "

Maaike Welle

.NET developer

"The best preparation to work well tomorrow is to work well today"

Wilfred van Dijk


"Happy to help "

Sjoerd van der Snoek


""There is no home without a solid foundation" "

Nick Kerschgens


"The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers "

Jan Nieuwhoff

Database developer

"Either we find a way or we make one "

Cindy Vergeer


"Set ambitious goals, but also think about what should not happen "

Charles van Zandbergen


"Someone who feels appreciated will always be and do more than expected"

Tonnie Boere


"Only when you understand the problem can you choose the right solution""

Aage ten Hengel

.NET developer

"Power in simplicity and sophistication"

Taco Perquin

.NET developer

"Ternair is the Lego of marketing automation. With Duplo you can build quick and easy and with Technical Lego you can create and automate advanced campaigns yourself "

Erik van Stiphout

Managing director

"Don't think in terms of problems, but in possibilities! "

Melanie Vergeer


"If you always do what you did, you get what you always got "

Ton Soddemann


Our vacancies

Ternair is an ambitious software company with a continuously focus to develop and improve innovative marketing automation solutions. Do you want to  join a committed team? And do you want to help our customers with marketing automation? Check out our vacancies!

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HBO/WO | IJsselstein | 32/40 hours |

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