E-mail marketing Easily create and send emailings

Create, modify and test personalized emailings with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Schedule and send high volume emailings at high speed. Analyze recipient behaviour and optimize your e-mail campaigns and follow-up actions with Ternair Marketing Cloud.

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Eenvoudige Eenvoudige contentcreatie | Ternaircontentcreatie | Ternair

Easy content creation

Set up e-mail campaigns fast and easy with responsive e-mail templates. Use the intuitive drag-and-drop editor to create, modify and customize content based on your requirements.

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Gerichte personalisatie | Ternair


Interact with customers with personalized e-mails and dynamic content driven by customer profiles, preferences and real-time behaviour.

Alle lijsten eenvoudig beheren | Ternair

For all brands

Create, personalize and manage email campaigns for different brands and labels within a single platform using our comprehensive style sheets.

Multi-brand email case
Integratie RSS Feeds | Ternair

Integrate RSS feeds

Accelerate the creation of email content through an automated connection between RSS feeds and to your email templates.

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A/B testen | Ternair

A / B testing

Optimize and automate your e-mail marketing campaigns by pre-testing multiple variants to a sample of your target groups. Test subject lines, calls-to-actions, or other aspects of your email.

Real-time rapportages | Ternair (rood)

Real-time reporting

View real-time reports and monitor open- and  click behaviour of your recipients. Enrich your email response with tags and automate the tracking of website behaviour.

Afleveren e-mailings | Ternair

Email deliverability

We ensure a high deliverability of your emails based upon a correct configuration of email domains,  proper listmanagement and active monitoring.

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MindCampus: How smarter e-mail marketing leads to a tripling of conversion | Ternairverdrievoudigd | Ternair

"The strength of Ternair is that they can quickly relate to the problem. Thanks to the Ternair Marketing Cloud, we can communicate with our target group in a structured way. We no longer lose time with internal coordination and searches, but can focus on output."

Pieter Lieverse
Managing Director


more conversion


more opened mails


conversion via remarketing emails

90% time savings due to data-driven 1-1 e-mail template | Ternair.com

"Ternair has extensive experience and professional knowledge about e-mailing data processes that fits in well with our requirements and wishes. We are an international marketing organization and send the iFly KLM Magazine to 10 million customers worldwide. Everything has to be correct in the e-mails, they have to be sent in a tightly regulated time schedule to manage the loads on the servers and fit within the local e-mail schedules. Ternair enables us to manage all this complexity while quality is guaranteed and costs remain manageable."

Marc Jansz
Customer Media Manager


million recipients in 80 countries in 5 different languages


time savings due to data-driven 1-1 email template


dynamic templates

How Springer Nature achieves 50% more conversion | Ternair.com

"With Ternair we can automatically choose the right time to send certain messages. The flows are tailored to the interests that someone shows. We have an overview of the entire process and are increasingly aware of who to send what and when, so that we do not bother anyone with our messages."

Michael Dam
Marketing Manager


more opened e-mails



20% - 30%

reduction in opt-out

Multi-brand e-mailmarketing at Admitter | Ternair.com

"The strength of Ternair lies in two things, the solution and the organization. The solutions are very complete: 90% of database issues can be solved with the software as standard. For the remaining 10%, Ternair is ready to think about a solution. That is when you can see the strength of their organization: they are knowledgeable and professional, they take our business seriously."

Erwin van Faassen
Co-owner and founder

120 titles

multi-brand e-mail marketing for 120 business and professional titles

1 dynamic template

personalized per media brand

How RAI Amsterdam attracts 10% more visitors for its events | Ternair.com

"With the use of SEO, content marketing and marketing automation, the RAI achieved 10% percent more visitors for the Aquatech Amsterdam 2019 fair. Exhibitor rebooking for 2021 reached a record of 62% at the show."

Annelie Koomen
Senior Brand Marketing Manager


more registrations


more visitors


rebook by exhibitors for 2021. Record!

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All data available | Ternair

All data available

When you choose Ternair Marketing Cloud, there is no need for a long-lasting and complicated onboarding process to integrate data. In no time we make  all your customer data, from various data sources, available for marketing automation. That is what we call  “No import, just connect”.

Get more done | Ternair

Get more done

Build campaigns quickly and automate execution. Manage and run a lot of campaigns, even with a small team. With Ternair you get more done and you achieve better results.

Ultimate freedom | Ternair

Ultimate freedom

Experience ultimate freedom with Ternair. Anyone can get started with our extended features from easy to advanced and from basic users to super users. No dependencies and no restrictions; you are in charge. With Ternair you can build anything you can imagine.

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