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With Ternair, anyone can get started with marketing automation quickly, effectively and efficiently. Use all your customer data to create and automate data-driven 1-to-1 campaigns across various channels. Experience the ultimate freedom.

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Achieve more with your customer data | Ternair

Achieve more with your customer data

Are you ready to achieve more with your customer data and are you looking for a marketing automation tool that helps you build campaigns easily? And also a tool to create and automate advanced, data-driven 1-1 customer journeys based on real-time events? We offer the solution for you.

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Make your campaign as advanced and extended as you like.


Connect all your customer data and interact with your target groups.

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Met Ternair kan iedere gebruiker uit de voeten | Ternair

For users

As a user you like to work with tools that make your work easier.

Ternair Marketing Cloud voor managers | Ternair

For management

Create added value with a powerful platform for marketing automation.

Ternair Marketing Cloud voor IT’ers | Ternair

For IT

Marketing automation without worries: safe, reliable, scalable and privacy-proof.

What we do differently | Ternair

What we do differently

All data available All data available

We make all your customer data available for marketing automation in no time. That is what we call “No import, just connect”.

Get more done Get more done

Build campaigns quickly and automate execution. Get more done, even with a small team.

Ultimate freedom Ultimate freedom

Anyone can get started with our tool, from easy to advanced features. No dependencies and no restrictions; you are in charge.

This is how we make a difference

We help organizations to achieve their goals

Hoe de RAI 10% meer bezoekers werft | Ternair

"With the use of SEO, content marketing and marketing automation, the RAI achieved 10% percent more visitors for the Aquatech Amsterdam 2019 fair. Exhibitor rebooking for 2021 reached a record of 62% at the show."

Annelie Koomen
Senior Brand Marketing Manager


more registrations


more visitors


rebook by exhibitors for 2021. Record!

Hoe KLM 10 miljoen klanten relevant benaderd | Ternair

"We send the iFly KLM Magazine to 10 million customers worldwide. Everything has to be correct in the e-mails, they have to be sent in a tightly regulated time schedule to manage the loads on the servers and fit within the local e-mail schedules. Ternair enables us to manage all this complexity while quality is guaranteed and costs remain manageable."

Marc Jansz
Customer Media Manager


million recipients in 80 countries in 5 different languages


time savings due to data-driven 1-1 email template


more opened mails due to personalization

Hoe maakt Bouwmaat persoonlijke winkelervaring omnichannel | Ternair

"With the real-time use of customer insights, Bouwmaat also brings its personal approach to the digital channels. This omnichannel customer experience is now delivered through 48 branches, and through full personalization with the mobile app, on the website and in email communications."

Nick Vieberink
Marketing Manager & E-commerce

1 layout

80.000 e-mails with personalized content


growth in online orders


average customer rating

Hoe Springer Nature 50 procent meer conversie realiseert | Ternair

"With Ternair we can automatically choose the right time to send certain messages. The flows are tailored to the interests that someone shows. We have an overview of the entire process and are increasingly aware of who to send what and when, so that we do not bother anyone with our messages."

Michael Dam
Marketing Manager


more opened e-mails



20% - 30%

reduction in opt-out

Online shopping

"Vesting Finance is currently undertaking a digital transformation of the processes. Ternair has given us great support. We took a pilot-based approach to the implementation, gradually expanding it throughout the organisation as per Ternair's advice. With Ternair's help, we now have better insight into the campaigns, email promotions and the automated email flows. We highly recommend Ternair!"

Conrad Doornheim
Senior Data Intelligence Consultant


increase in the number of online payments


payment convenience



Hoe Vakmedianet gepersonaliseerde content toepast op websites | Ternair

"By using an integrated customer profile and smartly structured campaigns, Vakmedianet has made its newsletters and website contents more dynamic with a significantly higher click through ratio as a result."

Stephanie Gillissen
Marketing Manager Data & Projects

>50 titles

website visitor recognition for >50 titles

x3 - x10

increase CTR by a factor of 3 to 10

Hoe Agrio boeren van gepersonaliseerde content voorziet | Ternair

"Ternair's software is flexible and the implementation of the various modules was arranged in no time. Ternair thinks along with the business and they want to accelerate, just like us."

Arjan Goorman
Head of Marketing

40 events per year

from 6 to 40 events per year

Within 1.5 years

from outbound to inbound

Hoe Mindcampus de e-mailmarketing conversie verdrievoudigd | Ternair

"The strength of Ternair is that they can quickly relate to the problem. Thanks to the Ternair Marketing Cloud, we can communicate with our target group in a structured way. We no longer lose time with internal coordination and searches, but can focus on output."

Pieter Lieverse
Managing Director


more conversion


more opened mails


conversion via remarketing emails

Hoe BNNVARA connected bereik realiseert

"To develop a closer relationship with these groups, BNNVARA developed a connected reach strategy that focuses on the interests and needs of the individual."

Niels Kleverlaan
Manager Marketing Operations




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