Marketing automation specialist Sometimes you need extra hands

If you want results quickly, you sometimes need to accelerate. We help you with an experienced specialist in marketing automation and Ternair Marketing Cloud. You will have your first ideas and campaigns up and running fast, which makes testing and further development a lot more pleasant.

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Experienced specialists

Knowledge network

We have a network of specialists who have used Ternair Marketing Cloud in their role of marketing automation marketer. They know the tricks of both the business and in the software.

Super user

Depending on your wishes, you decide whether you train someone internally to become a superuser or have an external specialist fulfill this role (temporarily).

Fresh look

The marketing specialists from our network uses the software on a daily basis and exchange knowledge about campaigns. Not only does it make your marketing more effective, existing processes are also constantly monitored on efficiency.

What other people say

"At VluchtelingenWerk, we are delighted with the services provided by Ternair and the partnership we have with them. Solutions are sought and found with great flexibility and professionalism. Issues are resolved fast and satisfactorily."

Aase Kretzschmar
Communications adviser

"Our consultant has good technical knowledge and responds immediately to or needs. Besides providing a training that was perfectly in line with our needs, the commitment is amazing. It is a great experience and makes you feel that you are in it together."

Erik Leenders
Functional Application Manager

"Ternair provides active input in terms of suggesting solutions and possibilities so that we can continue to improve the quality of our campaigns."

Mark de Bra
Database Marketer

"I have been working with the people from Ternair since 2015. Since then, we have taken big steps together in terms of emailings, tracking, personalization, etc. Personally, I like the fact that we have a dedicated Ternair team, who often visit us, people who are familiar with the culture and processes at Vakmedianet and who feel more like direct colleagues."

Martijn Roskam
Online Coordinator

"By working with Ternair consultants, we can achieve a lot in a short space of time."

Mark van Dorresteijn
Project Manager

"We enjoy working Ternair. They think in terms of the business and not just technology. Furthermore, they act fast and that is important to us."

Richard van Yperen
Online Strategist

"With the amazing support from Ternair, we have been able to automate several customer journeys from social media to the call center. The result is a more efficient customer journey, with less risk of errors and less repetitive work. Furthermore it is nice to work with a partner that does its utmost to offer a solution that meets our needs, problems and challenges we encounter."

Vincent van Baarle
Online Marketing & Communication Manager

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