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Personalize each customer's onboarding, key decision moments and financial experiences with data-driven communications. Automate payments, insurance and all communications about them.

How does marketing automation work for finance & insurance.

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Customer data combined available

Integrate customer data so you include all information when approaching customers. Website behavior, customer service contact, payment information, profile data.

Combining data does not have to be a project that takes years

Relevant offerings for specific target groups

Low-code powerful segmentation and personalization capabilities support you in building long-term, valuable communication with each customer.

Content personalization for an optimal experience

Use your channels integrated

Approach customers and associates through multiple channels. Email, SMS, web push, app messages, social and offline channels are used interchangeably by customers. With Ternair, you take this into account based on data.

Maximum client experience in all channels

Customer satisfaction is key

Pleasant customer experiences are keys to loyalty in Finance and Insurance. Things need to be taken care of properly and quickly. With personal automation, you are there at times when it counts and don’t bother anyone at irrelevant times.

Customer segmentation of the highest level
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Customer data well protected

With high professional standards for information security (within the EU), you can be sure that your customer data is well protected and compliant with privacy laws and regulations.

Results with our industry clients

How Vesting Finance realized 20% increase in online payments |

"Vesting Finance is currently undertaking a digital transformation of the processes. Ternair has given us great support. We took a pilot-based approach to the implementation, gradually expanding it throughout the organisation as per Ternair's advice. With Ternair's help, we now have better insight into the campaigns, email promotions and the automated email flows. We highly recommend Ternair!"

Conrad Doornheim
Senior Data Intelligence Consultant


increase in the number of online payments


payment convenience



Ribank | Credit Agricole Consumer Finance |

"We have chosen for Ternair due to the rapid implementation and enormous flexibility which the system offers: from process messages like a welcome mail to building a complete customer journey. The organisation behind Ternair works very well: having problems or need support? Ternair responds fast, expertly, but above all flexibly. The combination of the system with this flexible organisation has really boosted our conversions."

Wim Verbeek
Database Analyst / Marketer

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Marketing automation for finance and insurers

Automate communication in the same way you simplify payments, expense accounts, and other financial matters. With marketing automation for finance and insurance, you send a personal message precisely at the right time to policyholders and others. Our software provides you with all the tools you need to optimize in a data-driven way.


Why marketing automation for finance and insurers?

The financial and insurance industry requires trust. You want to build a strong relationship with your policyholders or financial clients. With personal communication at the right time, you repeatedly prove that you understand what is going on. Meanwhile, you use all collected customer data to be optimally relevant at all times.

There is a lot to communicate, but you would rather not overload your customers. Thanks to marketing automation for insurers and financial institutions, you limit the burden while sharing what is important. Your employees use one platform with all (customer) data and all communication channels in one.


How can finance and insurers benefit from marketing automation?

Increase the relevance of your messages and experience how policyholders and financial customers trust you more. Tailor the message to a specific target group or even a unique segment. With our software, you become the financial institution that truly understands what matters.

  • Win trust with relevance
    Those who communicate relevantly earn more trust. Show you understand what is happening and avoid messages about topics policyholders or financial customers do not care about.
  • Offer the best experience throughout the customer journey
    Map the entire customer journey and always send the desired information. Provide the best experience by understanding when certain content is needed.
  • Segment customers highly specifically
    Address each segment within the target audience uniquely. Find out underlying motivations by diving into the data. Use those insights to communicate more accurately.


Marketing automation for finance and insurers: the best software

We understand that customer satisfaction is key in finance and insurance. That is why we designed our marketing automation software to do just that. We know the insurance world and that of financial organizations and institutions. Our software offers you precisely the marketing capabilities you need.

  • Combine all customer data in one place
    Thanks to all customer data such as website behavior, customer service contact, and payment information, you always have a complete overview of everything
  • Communicate relevant information
    Use segmentation and personalization to communicate what customers want to know about you. That is how you build long-term and loyal relationships with everyone you help.
  • Communicate consistently across all channels
    Integrate e-mail, SMS, web push, app messaging, social media, and even offline channels to come across consistently to policyholders and customers anytime, anywhere.


Marketing automation platform

Ternair is your marketing automation platform for finance and insurance. We help financial institutions and insurers with our software solution. We do that for Harmony and Ribank, for example. As a result, we know what is the industry needs and have tailored the software specifically to it.


Ternair marketing automation

Use our software to help customers at crucial decision moments and to optimize customers’ financial experiences. Or use our platform to personalize the onboarding further. Our solution creates opportunities for data-driven communication and automates it where it adds value for everyone.


FAQ about marketing automation

  • What data sources can I connect?
    Our platform for marketing automation for insurance and finance combines all customer sources. You can think of website behavior, customer service contact, payment information, and, for example, profile data.
  • How do you protect customer data?
    Our software for marketing automation complies with all essential standards and legislation for information security within the European Union. All data is well protected.
  • What results can I expect?
    With marketing automation for finance and insurance, you will gain a better insight into the effectiveness of your communication and discover opportunities to serve customers and policyholders better.

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