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With a committed team of dedicated specialists, we ensure you can quickly get started building your first campaigns in Ternair Marketing Cloud.

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Implementation with a clear step-by-step plan

We’ll help your organization to get started quickly with Ternair Marketing Cloud. Time-to-market is a keyword within our company for a reason. No long-lasting onboarding but a clear step-by-step plan, a fixed point of contact, milestones, knowledge transfer and short lead times.

This is part of an implementation

Client set up

We create a new client within Ternair and configure all necessary settings such as authorizations, trackers, channels, brand stylesheets, web services and more.

Connect data sources

We integrate and connect all your customer data from various data sources in Ternair.

E-mail templates & RSS feeds

Based on your design and requirements, we create flexible, responsive e-mail templates suitable for multiple labels. And we integrate your RSS content feeds into e-mail templates.

Opt-in / opt-out process newsletters

In consultation with you we configure the entire newsletter process: from registration, confirmation (double opt-in) to unsubscribing (opt-out).

E-mail deliverability

Together with your organization, we create and configure a correct set up of e-mail send-out domains and settings, to ensure an excellent and reliable delivery of e-mailings.

Training & Go live

We will train you and your colleagues how to use Ternair so you can get started right away. And we support you during go live and help you with your first campaigns.

What other people say

"The tools of  Ternair are relatively easy to implement and quickly set up in a way that everyone can work with them. Moreover, they are pragmatic: your organization does not have to model itself according to the software, the software is adapted to the wishes and needs of the organization. As a result, you quickly have a tool and environment you can work with. Sometimes surprising solutions are thought of and we can learn something from that as well."

Michael Dam
Marketing Manager

"We have chosen for Ternair due to the rapid implementation and enormous flexibility which the solution offers: from process messages like a welcome mail to building a complete customer journey. The organization behind Ternair works very well: having problems or need support? Ternair responds fast, with expert knowledge and above all their are flexibel. The combination of their solution and the flexible organization has really boosted our conversions."

Wim Verbeek
Database Analyst / Marketer

"Ternair's software is flexible and the implementation of the various modules was arranged in no time. Ternair thinks along with the business and they want to accelerate, just like us."

Arjan Goorman
Head of Marketing

"NRV has been using Ternair for two years. The Ternair team offered lots of support during the implementation of the tool and still comes up with fast solutions if we encounter any problems."

Dianne Ramakers
Online Marketer

"We have been working with Ternair since 2018. Vesting Finance is currently in a digital transformation of the processes. Ternair has given us great support. Based on the advice of Ternair we started with a pilot and then gradually expanding it step-by-step throughout the organization. With the help of Ternair we now have better insight into the campaigns, email promotions and the automated email flows. We highly recommend Ternair."

Conrad Doornheim
Senior Data Intelligence Consultant

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