Content personalization

Content personalization:
more conversion

Greet your prospects and customers personally, providing each of them meaningful, relevant, tailored information that helps them make decisions. You get more customer knowledge from your data than you may think.

See how Springer Nature achieves 50% more increased conversion with content personalization.

What is content personalization and how does our solution work

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Recognize each website visitor

Capture reading behavior and profiles per web user (opt-in). Combine your online first-party data with your other sources for customer-centric campaigns across all your channels.

Data-driven personalization

Use the insight to form customer profiles from personal data, transaction data and behavioral data in order to reach every contact (real-time) with (partially) personalized content.

Perfect timing

Based on triggers in your data, automatically send the right message at the time.

Discover how others successfully use content personalization

How the transition from outbound to inbound results in a conversion improvement of 50% | Ternair

"With Ternair we can automatically choose the right time to send certain messages. The flows are tailored to the interests that someone shows. We have an overview of the entire process and are increasingly aware of who to send what and when, so that we do not bother anyone with our messages."

Michael Dam
Marketing Manager


more opened e-mails



20% - 30%

reduction in opt-out

How RAI Amsterdam attracts 10% more visitors for its events |

"With the use of SEO, content marketing and marketing automation, the RAI achieved 10% percent more visitors for the Aquatech Amsterdam 2019 fair. Exhibitor rebooking for 2021 reached a record of 62% at the show."

Annelie Koomen
Senior Brand Marketing Manager


more registrations


more visitors


rebook by exhibitors for 2021. Record!

How to apply dynamic and personalized content to websites |

"By using an integrated customer profile and smartly structured campaigns, Vakmedianet has made its newsletters and website contents more dynamic with a significantly higher click through ratio as a result."

Stephanie Gillissen
Marketing Manager Data & Projects

>50 titles

website visitor recognition for >50 titles

x3 - x10

increase CTR by a factor of 3 to 10

How Mindcampus tripled the email marketing conversion |

"The strength of Ternair is that they can quickly relate to the problem. Thanks to the Ternair Marketing Cloud, we can communicate with our target group in a structured way. We no longer lose time with internal coordination and searches, but can focus on output."

Pieter Lieverse
Managing Director


more conversion


more opened mails


conversion via remarketing emails

How specific and up-to-date information improves the customer relationship |

"With a 360-degree view, we know who they are, what they purchase, what they do, what they consult and when and how often they do this. We can also analyze developments. This is important to only send relevant offers when setting up the marketing channels and not to bother customers with information that is not relevant."

Michael Dam
Marketing Manager


customer profile


million personalized e-mails per year

Privacy proof

Ternair's database is privacy-proof

How Agrio provides farmers with personalized content |

"Ternair's software is flexible and the implementation of the various modules was arranged in no time. Ternair thinks along with the business and they want to accelerate, just like us."

Arjan Goorman
Head of Marketing

40 events per year

from 6 to 40 events per year

Within 1.5 years

from outbound to inbound


Central data driven marketing for all titles

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Content Personalization: what it is and how we can help you

Recognize interested parties and customers and use the knowledge to address them personally. Personalize website, e-mail, SMS, print, apps and other forms of (online) marketing based on relevant customer data. Personalization also includes choosing the right moment for each individual. With perfect timing and a personally relevant message, you benefit from more loyalty, stronger interests, concrete considerations and maximum conversion.


What is Online Content Personalization?

Online personalization includes addressing yourself individually in emails, on the website and in other online media, in fact every moment you reach your target audience. Just like in physical daily encounters when you address someone, you use a first name when you send an e-mail. Content personalization adds information, products and content that best meet the needs and expectations of each individual. This also includes not displaying intrusive or stalker behavior.

Personalization within marketing strengthens customer engagement and loyalty. You show that you know who you are talking to and that you understand that it is important. Examples of personalization at our customers show that more relevance leads to more interest, better considerations, more loyalty and conversion and therefore turnover.


Why personalize?

The trend within personalization is to better understand who the customer is and what needs they have and don’t have. No less than 86% of consumers indicate that this has an influence on their purchases and a quarter even call this influence ‘significant’.

Online personalization brings five fantastic benefits:

  • A basis for improving customer expectations (the customer experience) and omitting unnecessary information
  • More knowledge of the target group and how and when to reach, approach and convince them, and when they are open to it
  • More effective lead generation through better understanding of needs
  • The right message at the right time with the right target group, less unnecessary communication that leads to irritation
  • Better relationship with the customer and more effective marketing efforts


Personalize trends

Personalization and the quality of it is still growing every year. Like many developments, it started with more advanced technology for web content management, data capture, marketing automation and digital marketing and advertising, among others. In that initial period, things often went out-of-control, accelerating privacy discussions. Nowadays, website visitors and customers expect a personalized experience that matches their needs and desires, provided they have control over it.

We indicate a few important trends in personalization:

  • Know your audience
    Customers expect you to use up-to-date customer data. That also means it is clear when you don’t. Integrate and analyze customer and usage data to make the right customer segmentation and activation campaigns through the right channel.
  • Create high quality content
    Use customer data and insights to create high-quality content. Answer specific needs that live within your target group. Offer as much value as possible, tailored to what the reader or customer considers important at that moment.
  • Never get pushy
    Use available customer data to personalize, but never become intrusive. In fact, avoid getting intimate or awkward. Only use the data to help customers with the information they are looking for.
  • Use marketing automation
    Automate your marketing efforts to reach as many customers as possible in a personalized way with limited capacity. Thanks to automation, you don’t need to worry about processes and correct implementations and you can concentrate on the substantive refinement of your marketing and the expansion of knowledge and channels for an optimal customer experience.
  • Timing is everything
    Get the timing right with content personalization. Provide customers with the right information at the right time. Analyze usage and responses to further refine the information you share at specific touchpoints. Send emails when people are at ease behind their PCs, send a text message for short on-site service information, and a web push or app push when people are busy with a specific action online.


Personalization strategy

A strategy for the personalization of the website, emails and other online marketing channels requires a step-by-step approach:

  • Collect and integrate data
    Get to know the customer as well as possible. Collect relevant data, and ensure the data sources can be integrated and used flexibly. This way you continuously learn from campaigns and adjust the data model and the necessary sources / fields accordingly.
  • Know your customer
    Determine who you are doing it all for, which phases and segments comprise target groups and which decision they need to makes. Create clear profiles that show that you’re learning and understanding who you’re talking to.
  • Communicate continuously throughout the customer journey
    Use the customer journey of your customers to determine the various touchpoints. Develop content that meets the needs during the different phases of the customer journey and automate the follow-up.
  • Offer and create experiences
    Offer customers the best experience by aligning information from the various (digital) channels. Create a complete and personalized customer experience about your organization, products and services.


Personalization at Ternair

Our software helps you greet each customer personally with meaningful and relevant information. You do this based on insights from your data. That data, data you can use meaningfully, is flexible and variable. We adjust the data model accordingly.

At Ternair, you are not tied to a model, a platform. You recognize reading behavior and build profiles, for example of individual website users, people clicking on your e-mails, ordering products, filling in forms or by adding public data. You then combine that data with what you know from other sources and the behavior of other customers. This way you develop and improve customer-oriented campaigns for all your channels.

Our approach

We collect your personal data, transactional data and behavioral data. You combine these data sources into a (real-time) picture of your visitors and contacts. Based on this, you create personalized content or offer your customer the right information at the right time during the customer journey. This in turn provides new information, you can use to refine your insights, content and offers.

The data can be selected, combined and transformed by any marketer, so that it stays very close to your business and you do not have to wait unnecessarily long for analysts, data scientists or IT processes. We also ensure your content is linked in real time to the right recipient from one or a few online databases or websites using automated content feeds. For example, you can send personal messages with countless varied messages or products per individual in 8 different languages, regions or franchises via one template.

You ensure the perfect timing based on triggers and schedules. You do this automatically, so that you create a maximum reach among interested parties with limited capacity and commitment, discover new leads, enrich them and make them loyal. Naturally, manual intervention is always possible.


FAQ: frequently asked questions about personalization

  • What is the origin of personalization?
    Online personalization emerged as advanced analytics and web systems began to provide capabilities for large amounts of customer data. Customers now expect a personal approach that meets their specific needs at every moment during the customer journey. And let’s be honest, if your butcher addresses you personally in the store because he knows what meat (content) you like, that’s personalization as well, isn’t it?
  • What are the advantages?
    Thanks to personalization of the website, e-mail and other (online) marketing channels, you communicate exactly the message that customers need. This increases interest and loyalty and ultimately conversion and revenue.
  • How can I use personalization?
    Personalization of content requires the collection of relevant data. Our software helps you collect the data, structure and analyze it and personalize the various communication channels and activate them by yourself.

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