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Offer personalized, relevant programs and encourage interaction to keep attention. Engage sponsors or exhibitors through data-driven customer insight. Increase registrations, ticket sales and members through automated campaigns.

How does marketing automation work for broadcasting & events.

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Personalize experiences

Personalize your target audience’s experience before, during and after the live program with relevant content and activations.

Content personalization for an optimal experience

Realize 'connected reach'

Provide a correct customer experience across every media channel. Connect, enrich relationships and create interaction by combining data at every stage with relevant content.

Customer segmentation of the highest level

Convert thanks to 360°

What content is viewed and appreciated when? Through email, on the website, in your socials and the app. Combine all customer data into personalized activations to promote a visit or membership at the right time.

Complete customer view provides unprecedented opportunities

Reduce your no-show

Staying in touch with your target audience is very important. Use every touchpoint in the Customer Journey to reduce your no-show. Because of self-configurable real-time campaigns based on trigger moments in your customer data, you ensure lasting engagement with your audience.

Maximum client experience in all channels

Maximize effect for viewers and visitors





Results with our industry clients

How RAI Amsterdam attracts 10% more visitors for its events |

"With the use of SEO, content marketing and marketing automation, the RAI achieved 10% percent more visitors for the Aquatech Amsterdam 2019 fair. Exhibitor rebooking for 2021 reached a record of 62% at the show."

Annelie Koomen
Senior Brand Marketing Manager


more registrations


more visitors


rebook by exhibitors for 2021. Record!

How to achieve connected communication |

"To develop a closer relationship with these groups, BNNVARA developed a connected reach strategy that focuses on the interests and needs of the individual."

Niels Kleverlaan
Manager Marketing Operations


achieve reach


respond to changes

Relevance based upon a 360˚ customer view |

"Using the Ternair Marketing Cloud, we can communicate more efficiently and effectively to customers and prospects about our trade fair offer. More efficient, because it costs us less time and manpower; more effective, because the information we now distribute is based on integrated, up-to-date customer knowledge. This is reflected in higher conversions on our marketing communication."

André Hooijer
Operations Director

360˚ customer view

relevant content based on complete customer data

160.000 professionals

central marketing database


conversions and lower costs

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Marketing automation for broadcasting companies and events

Personalize communication messages, tailor programs to your target audience, and organize interaction that keeps attention. Use our marketing automation software for broadcasters and events to connect sponsors and exhibitors or reach your target audience for registrations and ticket sales. With our solution, you integrate data sources, link communication channels, and work from one convenient platform.


Why marketing automation for broadcasting companies and events?

Every target audience demands a personalized approach, and it is vital to understand their needs during events. How can you develop programs if you do not interact with the intended viewer and consumer? With marketing automation for broadcasters and events, you create relevant content and organize activations that actually generate a response.

Combine the customer data you collect and the channels you use to communicate to the target group(s). With our software for marketing automation for events and broadcasting, you get a much better picture of what is essential to communicate and at what time.


How can broadcasting companies and events benefit from marketing automation?

With marketing automation for broadcasters and events, you communicate more personally and organize and activate with more engagement. In addition, our software helps you make a difference with the target audience(s) you are trying to connect.

  • Understand actual needs
    Understand what is happening with the target audience you are trying to connect with because you are interacting.
  • Increase loyalty with the target audience
    Increase perceived loyalty by offering relevant content at the right time.
  • Activate and create engagement
    Activate with events and messages that address the underlying needs of the target audience.


Marketing automation for broadcasting companies and events: the best software

Use the best marketing automation software for broadcasters and events, which we have specifically tailored to that end. We understand that you want to provide a relevant customer experience across every media channel and that you wish to combine customer data from all sources to promote a visit or membership.

  • Combine data from all sources
    Use customer data from multiple sources and manage data from one central platform.
  • Communicate via all media channels
    Communicate via mail, the website, social media, and other media channels.
  • Especially for broadcasters and events
    Use our marketing automation software to activate and increase engagement.


Marketing automation platform

With our marketing automation platform for broadcasters and events, you collect all (customer) data in one central place. Moreover, you keep an overview of all communications through the various channels. Personalize and optimize the content and, subsequently, the message you convey to your target group.


Ternair marketing automation

Choose a platform specifically tailored to this purpose. We developed the software that shows we understand what you are dealing with. We know the industry, so our solution gives you user-friendly capabilities that will help you make a professional difference.


FAQ about marketing automation

  • What clients in this sector do you already work for?
    With clients like BNNVARA, VPRO, RAI Amsterdam, and Integrated Systems Europe, we know what is going on in the industry and what needs broadcasters and events have regarding marketing automation.
  • How can I use the software?
    Personalize e-mails, social media, and other online content. Or tailor the audience’s experience before, during, and after a live program to the specific needs of that segment.
  • What insights does your online platform provide?
    Combine various (customer) data sources into one clear overview. Use a 360-degree customer profile for personalized activations and to address specific segments with relevant content.

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