Health & Wellness Each client a unique treatment

Communicate with each client individually and offer relevant treatments through tailored communication at the time that matters. Maximize conversion based on both supply and demand.

How does marketing automation work for health & wellness.

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Make customer resources quickly accessible

Integrate customer data from reservation systems, ERP, online forms and combine all data for targeting clients.

Connect all your data cleverly and easily

From website visitor to client

Recognize website visitors; use the data to invite them to a treatment of their interest at the right time.

Complete customer profiles based on online recognition

Retaining and engaging clients

Retain clients with relevant content based on customer signals and behavior. A reminder text message on the day of the appointment or How’s it going? email a week after treatment make just that difference.

Content personalization for an optimal experience

Support the Client Journey

Automate the appointment and onboarding process and track treatments for satisfied, loyal, returning clients.

Maximum client experience in all channels

Automate appointment process

Manage the appointment process, treatment process and payment process with dynamic content and sending personalized newsletters and mailings.

Customer friendliness determines your image

Results with our industry clients

Cosmetique Totale |

"Ternair allows us to combine different data sources. This enables us to set up campaigns where the impossibility limitations are far away. Thanks to the tool and the professional guidance, our results have improved by over 100%."

Anouk Schuchmann

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Marketing automation for health care and well-being

With marketing automation for health and wellness, you treat every client uniquely. You communicate in a tailored fashion, exactly when it is important to clients. Meanwhile, you optimize conversion based on supply and demand, so the investment in marketing automation software always delivers more than it costs.

Why marketing automation for health care and well-being?

The increase in private initiatives makes it essential for the healthcare sector to think about reaching, engaging, and retaining clients. This does not have to be based on traditional online marketing and competition. It can also be done by adding maximum value.

Our software for marketing automation simplifies offering visitors and clients the messages and information they are looking for at exactly the right time. As a result, your organization grows based on added value as you provide the best care for everyone who chooses your facility or clinic.

The software combines client data from reservation systems with that from the ERP system and online forms. Moreover, with our software, you make everything available very easily and quickly to better serve both website visitors and clients. Engage and captivate clients with content that makes a difference or is specifically of value at the time of sending.

How can health care and well-being benefit from marketing automation?

In the healthcare industry, it is vital to communicate clearly and at exactly the right time. With our marketing automation solution, it is possible to personalize and continually optimize your messages. This provides at least three key benefits:

  • Better connection with each client
    Personalize messages to improve the mutual connection with clients. Our software helps reach, engage, and retain clients longer.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
    Avoid spending much time on repetitive tasks that can be easily automated. Spend more time on personal contact and what really matters.
  • Offer added value
    Offer maximum added value, for example, with a reminder SMS or relevant content matching specific clients’ care requirements.

Marketing automation for health care and well-being: the best software

Our marketing automation software is especially suited for healthcare and wellness. We know that appointments, important client data, and, for example, proper onboarding for employees are essential. We understand the content needs because we work for multiple organizations within the healthcare industry.

  • Specifically for healthcare and wellness
    We have set up our marketing automation specifically for healthcare. Our software offers specific options to personalize messages and remind clients of an appointment they have, for example.
  • Uniquely customizable to your organization
    At the same time, our solution offers various possibilities for unique customization. The result is marketing automation that takes care of repetitive tasks and enables more personalization and value-added communication.

Marketing automation platform

We developed a practical marketing automation platform specifically for the health and welfare sector. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it is easy to work with. Moreover, we designed the dashboard and software so everyone in the organization can easily work with it. The platform for marketing automation enables you to help each client uniquely and tailor your messages to what is important to someone at that moment.

Choose our healthcare marketing automation and offer clients the information they want. For example, manage the appointment, treatment, and payment process with dynamic content. That means content changes based on the process stage the client is in.

We also provide options for personalized newsletters and other mailings you want to send. All of this can be done with the click of a button. No employee experience is required. Giving clients the best experience is easy because employees work with a system they can easily master.

Ternair marketing automation

Our healthcare marketing automation solution makes it easy to schedule an automatic reminder SMS on the day of an appointment. Or ask how a client experienced the treatment so you can fine-tune your services even better.

FAQ about marketing automation

  • What type of customer data can your software use?
    Our platform for marketing automation can combine all kinds of customer data sources. These include data from the reservation system, the ERP system, and online forms. Combine all data to target clients and serve them in the best possible way.
  • What is the return on investment?
    Our software makes it easier to offer (website) visitors the information they want. In addition, clients will be more satisfied, so they are more likely to recommend others to choose your institution or organization.
  • What does it take to get started?
    We understand that you may have little or no experience with marketing automation. Fortunately, that is not necessary. Our specialists will explain the software, and we will optimize the solution for how you want to use it within your healthcare facility.

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