Health & Wellness Each client a unique treatment

No client is the same. Treat everyone uniquely with personalized care and offer treatments through customized communication with omnichannel marketing automation.

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Fast and easy data access

With Ternair Marketing Cloud, you can recruit, recognize and invite clients to customized treatments. Automate the appointment and onboarding process and track treatments for satisfied, loyal, returning clients.

How we make marketing in personal care even more efficient


Integrate your customer data from multiple data sources and create highly targeted groups of candidates and clients.

From website visitor to placement

Identify, track, capture and nurture visitors from your websites and convert them into candidates and placements with personalized content and relevant job offers.

Retention of candidates and clients

Engage and retain candidates and clients with relevant content, projects and vacancies  powered by automated communication flows.


Manage your campaigns for all channels and provide a seamless experience to your clients and candidates.

Automate your newsletters and mailings

Manage subscriber lists and automate the creation and execution of your newsletters and mailings.

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