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Relevance based upon a 360˚ customer view

Integrated Systems Events (ISE) wanted to professionalize and personalize the communication of its events driven by individual customer attributes. By building a 360° customer view of  visitors – across the boundaries of several event editions – ISE is now able to offer relevant content based upon a complete customer profile.

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From the start in 2004 until 2016 each event edition of ISE had its own visitor registration database. The lack of a complete customer view resulted in less streamlined communication and unnecessary costs. For example, customers could be informed about event domains that did not meet their interest. In addition, ISE spent a lot of time on visitor acquisition campaigns by processing data from various databases and systems. For this reason, ISE decided to merge the customer information, that was collected per event edition, into one 360° customer view.


360° customer view

In the Ternair Marketing Cloud various ISE customer data systems (e.g. N200 and Salesforce) were connected and integreted into one central marketing database. This data is standardised, matched, deduplicated and merged. This results into a ‘golden record’ per customer.


“The Ternair Marketing Cloud enables us to communicate more efficiently and effectively to customers and prospects about our events. More efficient because we spend less time and manpower; more effective because the information we send is based upon integrated and up-to-date customer information. The result is higher conversions for our marketing communication.”

André Hooijer, Operations Director ISE


Personalized marketing campaigns

The marketing automation solution of the Ternair Marketing Cloud enables personalized marketing campaigns. Target groups are selected, based on characteristics and the response to previous communication. Campaigns allow e-mails to be formatted and sent using dynamic content template(s); within one template all parts of the newsletter (senders, subject, content) can be personalised based on, for example, the visitor frequency and interest profile.

In addition, the Ternair Marketing Cloud facilitates an automatic subscription administration of ISE newsletters and the processing of bounced ISE magazines.


About ISE
Integrated Systems Events produces b2b exhibitions and conferences for the professional audiovisual, electronic systems integration and IT industries. The flagship event is Integrated Systems Europe. In addition there are the Smart Building Conference, Digital Signage Summit Series and Integrated Systems Russia.

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