Lead generation Use targeted campaigns to respond to the needs of your leads

Register, qualify and guide your leads to conversions.

This is what I want

Strengthen your lead management

Ternair Marketing Cloud strengthens your lead management. Automate the process to register, qualify and follow up leads that come in through your website, portal and other customer touchpoints.

Gather relevant information about your leads and guide them towards conversions

Central platform for lead registration

Use one platform to connect and integrate registrations of information requests and downloads from your landing pages and portals

Qualifying leads

Identify and qualify your leads by scoring and weighting interactions, behavioral data and customer profiles.

Lead nurturing

Interact with your leads at exactly the right moment via the right channel using and combining customer profile data, prior interactions and behaviour of  leads.

Lead management

Gain a detailed overview of your leads and easily manage the different types of leads and groups.

Easy drag-and-drop

Build and automate lead nurturing campaigns with our intuitive drag and drop interface.

Allign marketing and sales

Automatically feed your CRM system with sales qualified leads at the right time.

Why choose us?

Alle data toegankelijk | Ternair

All data available

When you choose Ternair Marketing Cloud, there is no need for a long-lasting and complicated onboarding process to integrate data. In no time we make  all your customer data, from various data sources, available for marketing automation. That is what we call  “No import, just connect”.

Krijg meer gedaan | Ternair

Get more done

Build campaigns quickly and automate execution. Manage and run a lot of campaigns, even with a small team. With Ternair you get more done and you achieve better results.

De ultieme vrijheid | Ternair

Ultimate freedom

Experience ultimate freedom with Ternair. Anyone can get started with our extended features from easy to advanced and from basic users to super users. No dependencies and no restrictions; you are in charge. With Ternair you can build anything you can imagine.

We help organisations archieve their goals

Hoe Agrio boeren van gepersonaliseerde content voorziet | Ternair

"Ternair's software is flexible and the implementation of the various modules was arranged in no time. Ternair thinks along with the business and they want to accelerate, just like us."

Arjan Goorman
Head of Marketing

40 events per year

from 6 to 40 events per year

Within 1.5 years

from outbound to inbound

woman reading magazine at home

"Vakmedianet has chosen Ternair because of its professionalism. The software is flexible enough to be adapted to our needs, robust enough to be used as a professional tool and sufficiently user-friendly to be used by the business itself. A typical example of the best of both worlds. By using the Ternair Marketing Cloud we save time and achieve higher productivity. We also see a better result in clicks and openers, among other things."

Ceesjan de Vos
Head of Marketing & Business Development

1.2 million readers

Provide 1.2 million readers with personalized content every day

High engagement

High productivity

Van beurswebsite tot platform voor communities | Ternair

"We enjoy working Ternair. They think in terms of the business and not just technology. Furthermore, they act fast and that is important to us. With Ternair Marketing Cloud we have a real-time connection to the existing systems, and the great advantage that all the data is stored in one place and is always up to date."

Richard van Yperen
Online Strategist

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