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Ternair: Member of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA)

January 04 2021

Ternair is a member of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA). The CSA acts as a neutral interface between mailbox providers and senders of commercial emails. 

The goal of the CSA is to increase the quality of commercial emails (e.g. newsletters, invoices, order confirmations, etc.). To achieve this goal, the CSA establishes legal and technical quality standards. The quality standards arise out of prevailing law and the technical requirements for mailbox providers. They are regularly updated to correspond to the current legislation and market requirements.

Benefits of a CSA certification

The certification guarantees in particular the following:

  • As a rule, no spam filtering at the mailbox providers and technology partners of the CSA, ensuring a higher inbox placement rate;
  • In principle, full compliance with international email marketing law;
  • Effective early-warning system through the CSA complaint management and daily spam trap reports.


An excerpt from the CSA quality standards:

  • Emailing only with legally compliant permission;
  • Reference given with every email as to how to unsubscribe;
  • Legal notice in every email;
  • DKIM signature for securing authentication (protection from spam and phishing);
  • SPF (protect from fake email sender addresses);
  • X-CSA-Complaints Header for a quick and easy way to make a complaint;
  • Constant monitoring through the CSA.


For the complete CSA regulations, please click here.

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About CSA
The Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) is a service from eco – Association of the Internet Industry and was created in cooperation with the German Dialogmarketing Association (Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband – DDV) in 2004. With more than 1000 members, eco is the largest Internet industry association in Europe. The DDV is the largest national consortium of dialog marketers in Europe.


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Ternair develops and delivers marketing automation solutions and services for medium-sized and large enterprises that want to get more out of their customer data with data-driven 1-to-1 interactions.

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