Retail & E-commerce A personalized, omnichannel shopping experience

No strong brand without smart activation. Use your offline and online customer data to move the online orientation process to sales. Show the right offers in the right channel and retain valuable customers.

How does marketing automation work for retail & e-commerce.

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Combining all customer data

The challenge is to use all customer data in an integrated way. Transaction data, assortments, web behavior, POS data and public data, such as the weather forecast per region. Our expertise is to integrate these, also from your existing database, data warehouse or CRM. The marketers manage them themselves, without any technical knowledge.

Connect all your data cleverly and easily

Generate traffic with all your media

Use all your media coherently for your web shops and stores. Show offers to new customers, value loyal customers. All data and channels are centrally controlled and dynamically calculated per relationship.

Maximum client experience in all channels

Nurture loyalty

Valued customers are worth their weight in gold. Recognize and discover them, share relevant content and offer benefits with specific loyalty programs and discount codes.

Customer segmentation of the highest level

Automate email processes

Automate newsletters with dynamic content from your website/webshop and calculate the ideal sending time. Controllable for each brand, location, partner or label through one template.

Perfect e-mail marketing integrated in your marketing platform

Personalize your website

Recognize individual behavior on your website and show your users relevant content. Make the user experience perfect for 20-50% higher conversion.

Content personalization for an optimal experience

Results with our industry clients

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"With the real-time use of customer insights, Bouwmaat also brings its personal approach to the digital channels. This omnichannel customer experience is now delivered through 48 branches, and through full personalization with the mobile app, on the website and in email communications."

Nick Vieberink
Marketing Manager & E-commerce

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80.000 e-mails with personalized content


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Marketing automation for retail and e-commerce

Apply marketing automation to retail or e-commerce and generate additional sales thanks to smart activation. Use our software to collect offline and online customer data. Show relevant offers, tailor your offer to customers’ needs, and communicate precisely when your target group is most sensitive. With our platform for marketing automation, you combine all (online) marketing channels into an integrated approach, delivering you the most valuable customers.


Why marketing automation for retail and e-commerce?

Marketing automation combines all customer data in retail or e-commerce. That applies to online and offline data, such as data of transactions, assortments, web behavior, and checkout, as well as public data, such as the weather forecast per region. With as much knowledge as possible about your customers and their behavior and motivations, you lay a foundation to align your offer and communication. Our software is especially suitable for retailers and e-commerce companies. So, do you have an online store, a webshop, or a physical store? Our platform will suit you perfectly.

The correct data gives you an entry point to effective communication and an offer that matches the customers’ needs. So as a retailer, would you like to be sure about relevance because you understand your target audience? Especially in retail and e-commerce, marketing automation is of great value.


How can retail and e-commerce benefit from marketing automation?

A better understanding of your target audience’s needs makes it easier to respond to them. As a result, you purchase more efficiently, offer desired products, and match the pricing better. Get a head start on others by using data to determine which next step you need to take to serve your target group correctly.

With marketing automation for e-commerce and retail, you benefit from several key advantages:

  • More profound understanding of your customer’s needs
    By better understanding your customers, you will connect with them on a higher level with a more relevant offer. You find yourself selling more with less effort.
  • Adjust more quickly based on intelligent data
    All collected data paints a clear picture of whom you are dealing with. Our smart software shows you exactly when you need to make adjustments and in what way.
  • Higher turnover from existing and new customers
    Increase your turnover from both existing and new customers with marketing automation for retail and e-commerce. Address them personally and warm them up in a relevant way.


Marketing automation for retail and e-commerce: the best software

Our marketing automation software helps companies in retail and e-commerce increase traffic. Would you like to welcome more customers to your store or visitors to the webshop or online store? That is what you can do with our program:

  • New customers in the store
    Attract new customers to the store by expanding the target audience and sending or showing them relevant messages. Become visible to anyone who is not currently a customer.
  • Bond with existing customers
    Build and enhance a bond with deeper data-based insight. Strengthen mutual loyalty to keep existing customers on board.
  • Specific promotions with relevant events
    Promote specific events that exactly match the needs of your target audience. Use marketing automation to be relevant at the right time.
  • Omnichannel approach
    Automatically align offline and online channels. Use the most relevant customer channel for your customers at all times.


Marketing automation platform

With our marketing automation platform, you can get started immediately, even if your marketers have little experience. The user-friendly design makes it instantly comprehensible what data you already have and how you can use it. Use the data and insights to serve your customers even better. Save time, capacity, and costs while providing customers with added value instead of what they are used to.

Are you looking for advanced capabilities to further increase your customer’s loyalty? Use our intelligent tools and solutions to personalize messages and communications. This way, you address each segment correctly at the moment when customers are receptive to what you want to promote or offer.


Ternair marketing automation

At Ternair, we make software that helps you automate and optimize marketing. This applies, for example, to e-mails you send based on customer behavior in the store or the webshop. You have little to worry about because we have already done the technical homework for you.

With our solutions, you integrate the various forms of data, such as that from the data warehouse and professional CRM you already use. As a result, your marketers can manage all the data themselves without needing technical knowledge.


FAQ about marketing automation

  • What exactly does marketing automation entail?
    Marketing automation is all about fully automizing your marketing. You send the right message at the right time and add value exactly where it is needed because you profoundly understand your target audience.
  • Will my store benefit from marketing automation?
    Yes, with our software for marketing automation, you tailor the messages and events to your type of store or webshop. We would be happy to tell you more about the customers who use our solutions within their specific industry or niche.
  • What does it bring me?
    You can make more revenue in less time, capacity, and cost thanks to marketing automation. Therefore, this relevant communication platform is an excellent return on investment.

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