Telecom Real-time engagement with every customer

Engage with visitors, leads, customers and subscribers. Build networks of partners and communities by offering all your products and services to the right relationship with marketing automation.

How does marketing automation work for telecom.

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Activate data sources quickly

From a central DWH, CRM or CDP or multiple sources, instantly combine all data for hyper-segmentable, scalable and targeted targeting of visitors, leads, customers and subscribers.

Connect all your data cleverly and easily

Convert website visitors to subscribers

Recognize and track your website visitors and incrementally convert them into customers with relevant and personalized content and offers they can’t resist.

Content personalization for an optimal experience

All channels in one platform

Manage Marketing Automation from one low-code platform. Email, SMS, app message, web push, print mailings, website personalization and social media channels are centrally controlled through your First Party Data by one Campaign Management tool.

Maximum client experience in all channels

Help partners with their sales

Automated Marketing-as-a-Service solutions for partners, locations or franchises. Efficiently send mailings with each partner’s own products and services in their own look-and-feel. With automated return of leads.

Guide leads through every step of the journey

Bind and connect your customers

Offer subscribers and partners relevant (after) service and (additional) products. Automate communication programs to retain and renew subscriptions at the right time.

Customer segmentation of the highest level

Results with our industry clients

Ribank | Credit Agricole Consumer Finance |

"We have chosen for Ternair due to the rapid implementation and enormous flexibility which the system offers: from process messages like a welcome mail to building a complete customer journey. The organisation behind Ternair works very well: having problems or need support? Ternair responds fast, expertly, but above all flexibly. The combination of the system with this flexible organisation has really boosted our conversions."

Wim Verbeek
Database Analyst / Marketer

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Marketing automation for telecom

Our marketing automation solution for telecom helps you connect with all your customers in real-time. Engage with visitors and warm up leads into new customers. Turn them into loyal ambassadors who are happy with the products and services because you tailor them exactly to their needs. We offer you a marketing automation platform allowing you to communicate personally and start the conversation.

Why marketing automation for telecom?

As a telecom company, you collect an abundance of data. That data is valuable. Yet, how can you avoid getting bogged down in it without finding valuable insights? We help you collect data from a central DWH, CRM, CDP, and other sources. Then, we allocate that in one place so you can use all the data to optimize and personalize messages.

Tell website visitors what they want to know and convert customers to loyal subscribers. With our marketing automation software, you communicate in a personalized way and respond effortlessly to the real needs of your target audience. For example, you can be sure that your next offer or promotion will not miss the mark.

How can telecom benefit from marketing automation?

With marketing automation for telecom, you bind customers and connect with them. Tailor your complementary products or special services to what is really needed. Communicate what your customers want to know or what website visitors are looking for before they make their decision.

  • Personalized communication
    Personalize the message that turns your visitors into customers. Or ensure that they become loyal subscribers who will not simply cancel. Identify (latent) needs and respond to them with personalized content.
  • Data leading to new insights
    Collect and analyze data from multiple sources on a well-organized platform. Avoid not seeing the forest for the trees. Instead, use our advanced tools to find the common thread and new insights.
  • Stronger collaboration with partners
    Offer Marketing-as-a-Service solutions to partners you work with or your telecom franchises. Send mailings and personalize for each partner. Collaborate more strongly, thanks to the automatic gathering of leads.

Marketing automation for telecom: the best software

Our specialists developed the best telecom marketing automation software for you. Are you looking for a solution to personalize communications, connect customers, and ultimately convert website visitors into loyal subscribers? That is precisely what our platform excels at.

  • Manage all channels from one platform
    Keep track of e-mail, SMS, app, web push, print, and social media.
  • Optimize the user experience
    Offer visitors the best experience and turn them from customers to loyal subscribers.
  • Link all the data you collect
    Link DWH, CRM, and CDP data into hyper-segments and scalable solutions.

Marketing automation platform

At Ternair, we have developed your telecom marketing automation platform. We understand the industry and what other companies like yours need. We have tailored our software accordingly. The result is a user-friendly solution providing the professional capabilities you are looking for.

Ternair marketing automation

Do you want to engage with new visitors and turn customers into loyal subscribers? We help you build a relationship, improve it, and maintain it with ease. Our software offers the solutions you are looking for.

Activate new data sources, convert website visitors, and combine all your channels into one platform. With our Campaign Management Tool and the rest of our software, you use the best marketing automation solution for telecom. Our specialists will be happy to show you.

FAQ about marketing automation

  • What channels can I manage?
    Manage e-mail, SMS, app, web-push, print, web personalization, and social media. Our software ensures that you combine everything into one well-organized platform.
  • Which data sources can I combine?
    Get data from the CRM, CDP, or DWH. Use all that data for hyper-segmentation, scalable campaigns, and targeting visitors, new leads, customers, and existing subscribers.
  • Is Ternair the right choice for my telecom company?
    We work for telecom companies, small and large. Are you looking for specific solutions, or do you wish to work with a complete platform? With our software, you can use exactly the tools, data, and insights you need.

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