Customer segmentation:
customers and target groups

Only when you can combine, edit and activate all your data to the maximum extent you will pull customer communication and conversion to the highest level. Combine timing, personalization and content to create the most valuable experience in every contact.

See how Agrio provides its target audience with high-quality and personalized content with hypersegmentation.

What is hypersegmentation and how does our solution work

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Hypersegmentation relations

Combine all your data into any segmentation you can think of, without technical knowledge. Refine based on daily results to 1-to-1 interactions.

Enrich customer data

Enrich personal data with content, behavioral data and external data and discover similar leads in your data.

Personalize on all attributes

Segmentations by orders and customer values are obvious. Combinations with real-time read and click behavior, dynamic features and external data sources create the difference.

Timing is everything

Put a schedule on campaigns and activate triggers that start communications the moment customers and users exhibit specific behaviors.

Real-time reporting

Track your results live. View opens, clicks and heatmap results to optimize your target groups. Set up automatic follow-up campaigns or link response to your (crm) system.

Discover how others successfully use hypersegmentation

How Agrio provides farmers with personalized content | Ternair.com

"Ternair's software is flexible and the implementation of the various modules was arranged in no time. Ternair thinks along with the business and they want to accelerate, just like us."

Arjan Goorman
Head of Marketing

40 events per year

from 6 to 40 events per year

Within 1.5 years

from outbound to inbound


Central data driven marketing for all titles

Relevance based upon a 360˚ customer view | Ternair.com

"Using the Ternair Marketing Cloud, we can communicate more efficiently and effectively to customers and prospects about our trade fair offer. More efficient, because it costs us less time and manpower; more effective, because the information we now distribute is based on integrated, up-to-date customer knowledge. This is reflected in higher conversions on our marketing communication."

André Hooijer
Operations Director

360˚ customer view

relevant content based on complete customer data

160.000 professionals

central marketing database


conversions and lower costs

How specific and up-to-date information improves the customer relationship | Ternair.com

"With a 360-degree view, we know who they are, what they purchase, what they do, what they consult and when and how often they do this. We can also analyze developments. This is important to only send relevant offers when setting up the marketing channels and not to bother customers with information that is not relevant."

Michael Dam
Marketing Manager


customer profile


million personalized e-mails per year

Privacy proof

Ternair's database is privacy-proof

How to achieve connected communication | Ternair.com

"To develop a closer relationship with these groups, BNNVARA developed a connected reach strategy that focuses on the interests and needs of the individual."

Niels Kleverlaan
Manager Marketing Operations


achieve reach


respond to changes

Multi-brand email­ marketing | Ternair.com

"The strength of Ternair lies in two things, the solution and the organization. The solutions are very complete: 90% of database issues can be solved with the software as standard. For the remaining 10%, Ternair is ready to think about a solution. That is when you can see the strength of their organization: they are knowledgeable and professional, they take our business seriously."

Erwin van Faassen
Co-owner and founder


centralize and manage data

120 titles

multi-brand e-mail marketing for 120 business and professional titles

1 dynamic template

personalized per media brand

Publisher bundles customer data and focuses on output | Ternair.com

"The strength of Ternair is that they can quickly relate to the problem. We have never talked to sales people, but only to professionals. Since the company is not too large, it is easy to communicate as the lines of communication are short. Thanks to the Ternair Marketing Cloud, we can communicate with our target group in a structured way. We no longer lose time with internal coordination and searches, but can focus on output."

Pieter Lieverse
Managing Director


Bundling of customer data


Time savings


Focus on output

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Hyper-segmentation: what is it, and how does our solution work

Hyper-segmentation helps you zoom in on a specific customer segment. Use target audience segmentation to offer precisely what certain customers need based on data. Increase your returns by 20% to 50% by considering concrete preferences within the target group and differentiating between segments within B2C, B2B, and multiple types of customers.   


What is a customer segment?

The overall target audience you want to serve consists of multiple customer segments. Grouping customers into different segments makes it easier to meet their specific needs.

A customer segment combines customers with similar needs, common behaviors, and other agreements. Segments can be significant or small. Your company’s business model determines the extent to which you can serve the segments with products, services, or solutions that a particular segment seeks.

Various customer segmentation models and definitions help you classify the target audience based on the following:

  • Needs that require unique offerings
  • Distribution channels to reach customer segments
  • Different relationshipforms
  • Willingness to pay for your range of products or services
  • Variations of profitability


What is target audience segmentation?

Target group segmentation is another word for customer segmentation. You can segment the target group within B2C, B2B, and, for example, e-commerce. Our software helps you determine whom you segment and what approach that requires. For example, you may serve the following customer segments:

  • Mass market
    The target segmentation criteria are the least strict in a mass market. You focus the value proposition, distribution channels, and customer relationships on one large target group. This is especially common with consumer products, such as electronics.
  • Niche market
    The opposite of a mass market is a niche market. This requires precise customer segmentation. You tailor the proposition, distribution, and customer relationships to very specific requirements. This is common among B2B suppliers and their customers.
  • Segmented market
    Companies serving a segmented market focus on multiple parts of the target audience. These include, for example, banks with investors up to €100,000 and high net worth individuals with more than €1 million in assets.
  • Diversified market
    In diversified target market segmentation, there are multiple individual segments. Large companies sometimes serve B2B and B2C customers. Both types require completely different views and approach.
  • Multi-sided markets
    Among others, credit card companies serve customers who use the cards and stores that accept them. It requires two separate approaches for both sides of the target audience.


Target audience segmentation model

A well-defined target audience segmentation model maps out exactly who you are serving and how you align your offer, distribution, and, for example, relationships with them. Consider factors such as:

  • Geographic data
  • Demographic differences
  • Psychographic elements
  • Socio-economic factors
  • Behavioral characteristics
  • Customer life cycle
  • Purchasing objectives and motivations

You can effectively segment a target group when the segmentation criteria you use are homogeneous, attainable, and measurable. Always bear in mind that the segment must be significant enough to be profitable.


Ternair hyper-segmentation

Collect the essential customer data and benefit from the insights using our software. Thanks to a marketing automation tool, you take advantage of the customer and target audience segmentation possibilities. Our software helps you create a flexible data model by creating campaigns together with our specialists and effortlessly combining all the data for your channels and segmentations.

Our approach

Make your data quickly accessible, specifically for marketing automation with hyper-segmentation. This enables you to maximize opportunities. This enables you to maximize opportunities. You do not need technical knowledge; even a small team can accomplish a lot.

Do you feel you do not know what to do? We will gladly guide you to use our software smarter. Help is always available, just when you need it. This way, you can use it to reach out to a specific segment within your target audience and customer base.


FAQ: about hyper-segmentation

  • Is hyper-segmentation right for my business?
    Hyper-segmentation can be used successfully with a large or small team for your business, whatever industry you are in. Use our software how you want, suitable for your (hyper)segmentation solution.
  • What does customer or target group segmentation deliver?
    Thanks to customer and target group segmentation, our customers achieve an average of 20% to 50% more turnover. That is extra turnover from existing customers, meaning a higher revenue, thanks to this investment.
  • How do I collect the necessary data?
    Our software helps you collect the right data, clean it up if necessary, and gain insights that help you make the next decision. This way, you always have the data you need.

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