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Reach donors, supporters, volunteers and sponsors through all media with personalized content. Encourage knowledge sharing, online testing, sign-ups, gifts and donations.

How does marketing automation work for non-profit & fundraising.

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Omnichannel fundraising

Let all channels reinforce each other for that one goal. Physical fundraising is excellent to combine with online. Choose the most appropriate channel per donor based on customer data: a DM with QR code, email or text message with direct payment link.

Maximum client experience in all channels

Approach each segment unique

Volunteers, influencers, donors and sponsors. They are all unique and deserve content that suits them. Personalize your expressions based on personal preferences that you select yourself -without technical knowledge- in your data platform.

Customer segmentation of the highest level

Catching up on current topics

Because all your data and channels are managed centrally, you switch gears quickly when events occur and email, social media, website, PR and customer service deliver the same message in no time.

Content personalization for an optimal experience

Sympathizer becomes donor

Follow up each action in a targeted and automated way with follow-up campaigns. Each stage in the donor journey is supported with the right content at the right time. As a marketer, you can focus on the content.

Send customer-friendly, personalized emails

Efficient fundraising

The entire payment cycle is automated. From choosing the right medium, following up on non-responses, 1-press-button payment links to registration in the CRM and thank-you communication.

Data, content and automation in your own hands

Results with our industry clients

How Dutch Council for Refugees makes multichannel fundraising successful |

"At VluchtelingenWerk, we are delighted with the services provided by Ternair and the partnership we have with them. Solutions are sought and found with great flexibility and professionalism. Issues are resolved fast and satisfactorily. Ternair makes an important contribution to the marketing communications of VluchtelingenWerk."

Aase Kretzschmar
Communications adviser

Optimal approach

We can now target our audiences optimally through different channels


We can now collaborate much better and faster

De Zonnebloem |

"Ternair Marketing Cloud enables us to send our newsletters quickly and flexibly to our various target groups. With the amazing support from Ternair, we have been able to automate several customer journeys from social media to the call centre. This results in a more efficient customer journey, with less risk of errors and involving less repetitive work."

Vincent van Baarle – Overdevest
Online Marketing & Communication Manager

Aidsfonds |

"Ternair is an extremely user-friendly software for email marketing. It works particularly well for creating emails. Setting up a/b tests and making selections also works well."

Thomas Karsdorp
Online Marketer

Social impact through smart solutions |

"Together with Ternair we combine our knowledge and experience of relationship- and database management in the Non-Profit sector with the smart use of technology within marketing by Ternair. This enables us to dedicate ourselves even more to create social impact for our clients. In short: social impact through smart solutions."

Edwin Schalk

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Marketing automation for NGOs and charities

Marketing automation for NGOs and charities generates more contributors, supporters, volunteers, and sponsors. Use personalized content across all media, for example, for sharing knowledge in online tests and applications. With our software, you personalize and optimize all communication channels. You also collect valuable data from multiple sources on one central platform.


Why marketing automation for NGOs and charities?

You want to use nonprofit marketing or e-mail for charities to recruit as many donors, volunteers, or sponsors as possible. Benefit from the reinforcement capacity by integrating different channels.

Our software helps you approach each segment uniquely with data from all sources. So, tell volunteers what they wish to hear. At the same time, stimulate donors with alternative messages, which you know create additional donations.

With our solution for marketing automation for nonprofits and fundraising, you can respond more easily to topical issues, convert sympathizers into donors, and make your investment pay off.


How can NGOs and charities benefit from marketing automation?

With marketing automation for funds and nonprofits, you improve your communication, both for donors and volunteers and your organization. You are current, relevant, and up-to-date, so you recruit more efficiently and generate additional income.

Integrate our solution for e-mail marketing for nonprofits with social media, the website, PR, customer service, etc. you have chosen the complete platform you need.

  • Personal approach toward everyone
    Tell volunteers what they want to hear and encourage donors at the time they wish to donate. With personal messages, you are always right on time and in the right place.
  • Raise funds more efficiently
    Raise funds more efficiently by letting the different channels reinforce each other. With our solution for marketing automation, you combine e-mail with the website and social media, PR, and customer service.
  • Central platform for all data
    From now on, collect all data from different sources on one platform. This provides an overview, makes new connections visible, and ensures you communicate from one voice through multiple channels.


Marketing automation for NGOs and charities: the best software

Our marketing automation solution for funds and nonprofits combines professional capabilities with a user-friendly interface. That means anyone can get started using all the clever options available.

  • Smart solutions with QR codes
    Use a DM with a QR code and make the results of physical campaigns measurable.
  • Payment links in e-mails and SMS messages
    Integrate a payment link in e-mails and SMS messages to make it easier for donors.
  • Combine physical and online
    Combine online activities with physical campaigns toward your target audience.


Marketing automation platform

At Ternair, we developed a marketing automation platform specifically for nonprofit organizations and foundations. We understand the industry and the need to communicate centrally and purposefully.

We make it easy to align messages, communicate personalized content, and keep an overview of what is communicated internally and externally. Thanks to our platform for marketing automation, it takes less work; in fact, it offers many more opportunities.


Ternair marketing automation

At Ternair, we have already developed the marketing automation software for nonprofits and foundations that you are looking for. We have done our homework, so you can easily get started immediately.

Our user-friendly software makes it easy to get started with professional features. Use marketing for nonprofits and fundraising as you would like. Our specialists will help you get started, after which you can approach each segment in a unique way.


FAQ about marketing automation

  • What other organizations already use your software?
    Doctors Without Borders, De Zonnebloem (NGO for physically challenged people), and the Aids Fund use our platform. They experience the benefits every day, thanks to the simple interface and professional features.
  • Is your software suitable for my organization?
    If you communicate with volunteers, donors, supporters, and/or sponsors, you are making the right choice with our platform. We help you optimize and personalize communication.
  • Do you offer support if we cannot figure it out ourselves?
    Yes, our specialists are available to provide support if needed. In fact, when issues or challenges arise, we are known for our concrete solutions in understandable language.

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