Non-profit & Fundraising Build sustainable relationships with donors and supporters

Interact with your donors, supporters and sponsors to drive gifts, donations, encourage commitment and build loyalty.

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Powerful marketing automation for Non-profit & Fundraising | Ternair

Effective and efficient marketing automation for Fundraisers

Ternair Marketing Cloud enables you to interact wiht donors, supporters and sponsors on a large scale at the right time through various channels. Powerful segmentation and personalization features support you at every stage of the donor journey.

How to make success even easier

Unlock your data

Integrate your donor and supporter data from multiple data sources and create highly targeted audiences.

From website visit to donation

Identify, track and nurture website visitors and convert them into donors with relevant and personalized content and propositions

Donor loyalty and retention

Retain donors and supporters for your organization powered by automated data-driven communication programs.

Campaign orchestration

Manage your campaigns for all channels and provide a seamless experience to your donors and supporters.

Automate your newsletters

Manage subscriber lists and automate the creation and execution of your newsletters.

We help organisations archieve their goals

VluchtelingenWerk | Ternair

"At VluchtelingenWerk, we are delighted with the services provided by Ternair and the partnership we have with them. Solutions are sought and found with great flexibility and professionalism. Issues are resolved fast and satisfactorily. Ternair makes an important contribution to the marketing communications of VluchtelingenWerk."

Aase Kretzschmar
Communications adviser

Zonnebloem | Ternair

"Ternair Marketing Cloud enables us to send our newsletters quickly and flexibly to our various target groups. With the amazing support from Ternair, we have been able to automate several customer journeys from social media to the call centre. This results in a more efficient customer journey, with less risk of errors and involving less repetitive work."

Vincent van Baarle – Overdevest
Online Marketing & Communication Manager

Aidsfonds | Ternair

"Ternair is an extremely user-friendly software for email marketing. It works particularly well for creating emails. Setting up a/b tests and making selections also works well."

Thomas Karsdorp
Online Marketer

Ifunds: Social impact through smart solutions | Ternair

"Together with Ternair we combine our knowledge and experience of relationship- and database management in the Non-Profit sector with the smart use of technology within marketing by Ternair. This enables us to dedicate ourselves even more to create social impact for our clients. In short: social impact through smart solutions."

Edwin Schalk

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