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Support the Applicant Journey from start to finish with automated face-to-face communications to promote appropriate placement and build long-term relationships.
How does marketing automation work for staffing & recruitment.

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Quickly access all your data sources

Integrate customer data from your ATS, website behavior, MyAccounts, social media and email and combine them to target candidates and organizations.

Connect all your data cleverly and easily

From website visitor to suitable candidate

Recognize, identify and track your website visitors. Use this data to qualify them step by step at the right time with relevant content and the right offer and convert them into suitable candidates per job offer.

Complete customer profiles based on online recognition

Binding and engaging candidates

How do candidates stay with you? With relevant content and assignments based on data-driven communication flows. That one service text message with traffic jam information prior to a job interview can be just that trigger.

Content personalization for an optimal experience

Tailor campaigns for each channel

No job ads on the social media of a candidate who has just started; a thoughtful onboarding email for candidates who have started for a month, be able to target clients with relevant communications on the website.

Maximum client experience in all channels

Personalized job mailings

From a real-time feed from your website, relevant vacancies per region are personalized per candidate in an automated newsletter. Calculated daily from your integrated and self-segmented data.

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Marketing automation for recruitment and outsourcing

Automate content for the “Applicant Journey” to offer candidates exactly the right information at any time. With automated personal communications, build solid and long-term relationships that deliver great value. Ternair provides recruitment marketing automation software specifically tailored to your needs within this industry.


Why marketing automation for recruitment and outsourcing?

A marketing automation solution for recruitment accesses all data sources as easily and quickly as possible. To integrate customer data from the ATS with website behavior data, for example. Add social media and e-mail input for a complete picture.

That picture forms the basis for clever marketing automation, especially suitable for recruitment. Approach candidates interested in a specific position, offer them the information they are looking for and ensure the smoothest possible application process. With the right information and intelligent automation, marketing becomes easier while pushing the right buttons with candidates.


How can recruitment and outsourcing benefit from marketing automation?

Marketing automation software for recruitment makes it easier to offer candidates fine experiences. Meanwhile, within the organization, you ensure that all parts of the process are well-aligned. You create opportunities, for example, to personalize job pages unique to each candidate.

  • All process elements integrated
    Automation creates value when the various process elements are integrated. Align the front and back end for better candidates with the right expectations for a vacancy or position. Meanwhile, thanks to recruitment marketing automation, you offer those candidates the best (digital) experience.
  • A unique job page
    Personalize based on smart automation. For example, use data from different sources to create a unique job page. This appeals to the candidate, giving you a better chance of standing out and prompting the desired action.
  • Ideal for internal mobility
    Use our marketing automation software to attract new talent and for internal mobility. Much data is available, especially for vacancies for existing employees, so marketing automation is highly effective. Let our software do the work, tailored to the objectives you define.


Marketing automation for recruitment and outsourcing: the best software

Thanks to our advanced software, you collect, combine, and optimize available data. Recognize the suitable candidate among website visitors by identifying them and then following them closely. We let you discover, step by step, who is likely to be the most suitable for the available vacancy.

  • Exactly the right information
    With our marketing automation software, you send each candidate exactly the right information. Categorize candidates based on their step within the “Candidate Journey” and tailor communications accordingly.
  • Convenient automation for candidates
    Send applicants a convenient SMS with directions precisely at the time they leave. Use our automation to be extra attentive and help candidates with their need
  • Easy personalization
    Personalize a job page or the message you send candidates. Our marketing automation for recruitment ensures you address everyone as personally as possible from the start.


Marketing automation platform

Use our recruitment marketing automation platform to give candidates the best (digital) experience from the start. Optimize the “Applicant Journey” or “Candidate Journey”, using insights from the data you collect.


Ternair marketing automation

Our software is very user-friendly and intuitive. Optimize the process you have already set up or start all over again; everything thought through to the last detail. With our software, you offer candidates the best experience, which increases the chance that they will be happy to apply for a job with you.

Consider Ternair as your specialist in marketing automation for recruitment and selection. We have extensive experience with our software for recruiters, major employers, and others looking for new candidates. Our specialists will be happy to tell you more about the specific possibilities.


FAQ about marketing automation

  • What data sources can I link?
    Link all kinds of data sources, for example, with customer data from the ATS and data about visitor behavior on the website. Combine MyAccounts, social media, and data from e-mails for a complete profile.
  • What can I personalize?
    Personalize the job page candidates see and the messages you send. Create an optimal “Candidate Journey” tailored to what a candidate values or likes to see from you.
  • Do you have experience in recruitment?
    Yes, we work for several recruitment agencies and major employers who do their own recruitment. We know what is essential in recruitment, so we have optimized our recruitment software accordingly.

Retention of candidates and clients

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