Get a better grip on customers and sales

The battle for the customer is about cooperation and collecting, unlocking and activating your own customer data. By combining vehicle, market and maintenance information with customer profile and behavioral data, Automotive, like no other sector, is able to bind prospects and customers and make targeted sales and maintenance. The prerequisite is to work quickly with data and use flexible software.
How does marketing automation work for automotive.

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All data combined available

Integrate vehicle data, RDW data, app data, transactions, maintenance information, your DMS, webshop, test drive requests and demographic data into one tool without a time-consuming integration process. Get started immediately with activation, see what works and remain flexible with an eye on collaborations and new data sources.

Flexible connections to any data source

Relevant offerings for specific target groups

Powerful personalization capabilities support you in the most relevant communication: a call from the service center, offering a specific occasion from stock, following up on a website visit. Triggered from individual customer data and automated.

Optimal user experience with personalised content

More effective sales through current buying triggers

Does a customer unexpectedly visit the showroom? Which vehicles are nearing end of lease term? Where are upsell opportunities? Activate sales with triggers in the CRM and bind customers by taking into account “car live changing events” and preferences.

Triggers based on customer data

Convert website visitors into traffic

Recognize individual website visitors and convert search behavior into the right offer from showroom and workshop in the right location. Relevant and personalized content and offers they can’t resist.

Individual website recognition

Nurture loyalty

Valued customers are worth their weight in gold. Are they customers of the manufacturer, the importer or the dealership and garage? Who has the best connection and follows up customers personally with appreciation and relevant communication.

One tool with happy-to-help support

Whether you prepare website personalizations, custom audiences on social media, targeted email newsletters or DM campaigns, make sure all your data is selected and combined centrally. Without technical knowledge and in real-time. And if you can’t figure it out, our NL experts will help you out!

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Marketing automation for automotive

Our advanced marketing automation solution for the automotive industry takes your customer interaction to the next level. Our technology enables you to connect with your target audience in real-time. Engage website visitors and transform potential customers into dedicated supporters. By tailoring your products and services precisely to their needs, you create loyal customers who become your ambassadors. Discover the marketing automation platform that enables personal interaction and creates real conversations.

Why marketing automation for automotive?

As a car company, you undoubtedly collect large amounts of valuable data. But how do you avoid getting lost in an ocean of data without finding valuable insights? Our technology helps you centralize all this data into a Data Warehouse (DWH), CRM or Customer Data Platform (CDP). That way, you can use this data to optimize and personalize your communications.

Give website visitors the information they need and convert them into dedicated customers. With our marketing automation software, you can communicate personally and respond to the specific needs of your target audience. That way, you can be sure not to miss the next offer or promotion.


What does marketing automation deliver for automotive?

Marketing automation for the automotive sector allows you to engage and retain customers. Customize your complementary products or special services based on the real needs of your customers. Communicate about topics your customers are really interested in and what website visitors are looking for before they make their decision.

  • Personalized communication
    Personalize your message to convert website visitors into customers or loyal customers who will continue to support your brand. Discover latent needs and offer personalized content.
  • Data that leads to new insights
    Collect and analyze data from different sources on a clear platform. Avoid getting lost in the abundance of data and use our advanced tools to discover patterns and new insights.
  • Stronger collaboration with partners
    Offer Marketing-as-a-Service solutions to partners you work with or franchises in the automotive sector. Send personalized emails and content for each partner. Collaborate more closely thanks to automated lead generation.



Marketing automation for automotive: the best software

Our experts have developed the best marketing automation software specifically for the automotive industry. Looking for a solution to personalize your communications, engage customers and turn website visitors into loyal supporters? Our platform offers the functionality you need.

  • Manage all your channels from one platform
    Keep an overview of email, SMS, app, web-push, print and social media.
  • Optimize the user experience
    Offer visitors the best experience and turn them into loyal customers.
  • Link all your collected data
    Combine data from DWH, CRM and CDP to create hyper-segmented and scalable solutions.


Marketing automation platform

At Ternair, we have developed a marketing automation platform specifically tailored to the needs of the automotive industry. We understand the industry and know what companies like yours need. The result is a user-friendly solution with professional capabilities.


Marketing automation at Ternair

Want to connect with new website visitors and turn customers into dedicated supporters? Our software offers the solutions you’re looking for.

Activate new data sources, convert website visitors and combine all the channels you use in one platform. With our Campaign Management Tool and other software, we offer the best marketing automation solution for the automotive industry. Our experts will be happy to show you how it works.



FAQ: frequently asked questions about marketing automation

  • Which channels can I manage?
    For example, manage email, SMS, apps, web push, print, web personalization and social media. Our software integrates all these channels into a clear whole.
  • What data sources can I combine?
    Get data from your CRM, CDP or DWH. Use all this data for hyper-segmented campaigns and targeted approaches to website visitors, new leads, customers and existing supporters.
  • Is Ternair right for my automotive company?
    We work with automotive companies of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for specific solutions or need an all-in-one platform, our software provides the tools, data and insights you need.