AI marketing & Advanced Analytics

AI marketing and Advanced Analytics:
integrate the power

If you want to add powerful intelligence to your data, Advanced Analytics and AI models are appropriate. Ternair feeds your partners in this area with data and activates the results in automated campaigns.

See how Bouwmaat uses A.I. in combination with Ternair to optimize event campaigns.

What is AI marketing and how does our solution work

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AI marketing and Advanced Analytics: delivering customized data |

Delivering customized data

With Ternair all your data is already compiled into ‘mappings’. You can build configurations here as you wish. Then we offer these automated via API to your partners for Analytics and AI models.

Activate AI in campaigns

Next-best-actions from recommenders directly drive your in Ternair created content, campaigns and channels ready via Web services.

Feedback data loop

As actual campaign data, the results of your AI-driven campaigns directly enrich the model again. Thus, data and campaign activation form an ideal refinement process.

Discover how others successfully use activation analytics & AI

How Vakmedianet uses AI in real time to attract visitors |

"Ternair is an expert in connecting data. Cmotions is smart in using data within AI models. For Vakmedianet, this pilot offered the opportunity to make email marketing more relevant at the right moment."

Stephanie Gillisse
Marketing Manager Data & Projects


different types of e-mails


as many registrations for events

How do you create a personalized omnichannel shopping experience? |

"With the real-time use of customer insights, Bouwmaat also brings its personal approach to the digital channels. This omnichannel customer experience is now delivered through 48 branches, and through full personalization with the mobile app, on the website and in email communications."

Nick Vieberink
Marketing Manager & E-commerce

1 layout

80.000 e-mails with personalized content


growth in online orders


average customer rating

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AI marketing: what is it, and how does our solution work

AI marketing adds powerful intelligence to the data you collect as an organization. Thanks to Advanced Analytics and AI models, you get the most out of the knowledge you gather from data about your customer behavior and needs. Use our software to lay the foundation for automated campaigns, allowing you to benefit from your marketing investments.


What is AI marketing?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It involves self-learning systems, for example, by looking closely at collected data. Computer models get input on key assumptions to make sophisticated analyses.

Our software combines artificial intelligence with marketing best practices. This creates a technological collaboration, which leads to smart campaigns based on automated systems. It will save you time and effort while responding intelligently to what customers are actually looking for and need.


How does AI marketing work?

AI marketing uses Analytics, AI models, and APIs for partner applications. That is a technical story. Our specialists are happy to explain it to you clearly, so that you can get started with our software, offering you various possibilities.

You collect essential and valuable data, feed the AI models with it, and create campaigns that exactly match what is needed. Next, you use Advanced Analytics to determine which campaigns lead to the highest value.


What will AI marketing bring me?

Analyzing loads of data requires enormous computing power. Artificial Intelligence considers all the input data, analyzes the complete picture, and makes calculated recommendations. It prevents you from overlooking anything and points you to the unifying thread to offer opportunities for additional optimization.

Our software helps you create more brilliant campaigns, automated for large-scale deployment. Utilize the most valuable data and technical capacity to take your marketing to a higher level.


Ternair AI marketing

At Ternair, we help you integrate the power of AI marketing into your campaigns. First, our software enables you to collect valuable data and compile it into “mappings”. This forms the basis for putting together desired configurations. Next, you use an API to offer those configurations to any partners suitable for Analytics and AI models.

Our approach

Activate AI for your campaigns, applying today’s technological capabilities. For example, use the next-best actions from recommenders to optimize your content, campaigns, and channels in an automated way. This helps to attract more visitors, which ultimately increases your online revenue.

Your specialists create a feedback data loop. Use AI-driven marketing campaigns’ results to further enrich and optimize them. With up-to-date campaign data, you get the most out of it and can refine it in detail. The result is an optimal campaign that uses available resources as efficiently as possible.


FAQ: about AI marketing

  • What does AI add to marketing?
    AI enables you to analyze much more data in a structured way. You no longer overlook anything because you use the automated capacity to determine what customers need.
  • What do my customers gain from AI marketing?
    Thanks to AI marketing, you improve personalization. You can analyze and directly process more data to improve and enrich campaigns based on automated insights.
  • Is AI marketing right for my business?
    We help large and smaller organizations with our software for AI marketing. Linking data to smart systems and advanced Analytics helps work more efficiently. That means we can even realize cost savings while you benefit from technological possibilities.

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