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How to use AI in real time to attract visitors to your event

The likelihood that someone will participate in an event can be predicted. By analyzing all available marketing data in an AI model, the discriminating attributes become transparent and actionable. And then the right mail at the right time can make the difference. 

Solutions & Results

  • More relevant e-mailing driven by a prediction AI-model
  • Twice as many registrations
  • Higher customer satisfaction


“Ternair is good at accessing and connecting data. In turn, Cmotions is smart at using that data in AI models. For Vakmedianet, this pilot offered the opportunity to make email marketing more relevant. With the up-to-date data from the Ternair Marketing Cloud, the AI model determined in real time the type of email and the moment of sending.

Stephanie Gillisse, Marketing Manager Data & Projects Vakmedianet


About Vakmedianet
Vakmedianet is the leading b2b publisher in the Netherlands with strong editorial brands for professionals in multiple functions and industries. Vakmedianet makes expertise accessible for professionals in an attractive way and offers networks for b2b advertisers.

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