Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing: improved
customer relationship management

Maximize customer experience across all your channels. Create your own personalized and automated campaigns through dynamic templates. At every stage of the customer journey.

Read how Bouwmaat create a personalized omnichannel shopping experience.

What is omnichannel marketing and how does our solution work

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Fast and easy set up of campaigns

Select and combine all your data and create dynamic campaigns with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

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Customer Journey flows

Align data and content flows, from lead generation to onboarding. Combine communications across all your channels, link real-time content and follow-up on response immediately.

How Dutch Council for Refugees makes multichannel fundraising successful

Align channels

Align offline and online channels automatically. Use the most relevant customer channel at any time.

Read the omnichannel case of Bouwmaat
Marketing automation: dynamic templates |

Dynamic templates

Based on your data, templates are dynamically filled with the right content for an up-to-date and personalized experience. It delivers 10-30% more results and saves marketers a lot of time.

KLM: 90% time savings due to dynamic templates

Automate execution

Schedule your campaigns yourself or automate execution based on triggers from your contacts. Real-time, taking all your selection criteria into account.

How behavior determines execution

Discover how others successfully use omnichannel marketing

How do you create a personalized omnichannel shopping experience? |

"With the real-time use of customer insights, Bouwmaat also brings its personal approach to the digital channels. This omnichannel customer experience is now delivered through 48 branches, and through full personalization with the mobile app, on the website and in email communications."

Nick Vieberink
Marketing Manager & E-commerce

1 layout

80.000 e-mails with personalized content


growth in online orders


average customer rating

How RAI Amsterdam attracts 10% more visitors for its events |

"With the use of SEO, content marketing and marketing automation, the RAI achieved 10% percent more visitors for the Aquatech Amsterdam 2019 fair. Exhibitor rebooking for 2021 reached a record of 62% at the show."

Annelie Koomen
Senior Brand Marketing Manager


more registrations


more visitors


rebook by exhibitors for 2021. Record!

How Vesting Finance realized 20% increase in online payments |

"Vesting Finance is currently undertaking a digital transformation of the processes. Ternair has given us great support. We took a pilot-based approach to the implementation, gradually expanding it throughout the organisation as per Ternair's advice. With Ternair's help, we now have better insight into the campaigns, email promotions and the automated email flows. We highly recommend Ternair!"

Conrad Doornheim
Senior Data Intelligence Consultant


increase in the number of online payments


payment convenience



How the transition from outbound to inbound results in a conversion improvement of 50% | Ternair

"With Ternair we can automatically choose the right time to send certain messages. The flows are tailored to the interests that someone shows. We have an overview of the entire process and are increasingly aware of who to send what and when, so that we do not bother anyone with our messages."

Michael Dam
Marketing Manager


more opened e-mails



20% - 30%

reduction in opt-out

How Dutch Council for Refugees makes multichannel fundraising successful |

"At VluchtelingenWerk, we are delighted with the services provided by Ternair and the partnership we have with them. Solutions are sought and found with great flexibility and professionalism. Issues are resolved fast and satisfactorily. Ternair makes an important contribution to the marketing communications of VluchtelingenWerk."

Aase Kretzschmar
Communications adviser

Optimal approach

We can now target our audiences optimally through different channels


We can now collaborate much better and faster

How to approach 10 million customers in a personal and relevant manner |

"We send the iFly KLM Magazine to 10 million customers worldwide. Everything has to be correct in the e-mails, they have to be sent in a tightly regulated time schedule to manage the loads on the servers and fit within the local e-mail schedules. Ternair enables us to manage all this complexity while quality is guaranteed and costs remain manageable."

Marc Jansz
Customer Media Manager

10 million

recipients in 80 countries in 5 different languages


time savings due to data-driven 1-1 email template


more opened mails due to personalization

Personalized content for 1.5 million professionals on a daily basis |

"Vakmedianet has chosen Ternair because of its professionalism. The software is flexible enough to be adapted to our needs, robust enough to be used as a professional tool and sufficiently user-friendly to be used by the business itself. A typical example of the best of both worlds. By using the Ternair Marketing Cloud we save time and achieve higher productivity. We also see a better result in clicks and openers, among other things."

Stephanie Gillissen
Marketing manager Data & Projects

1.5 million readers

Provide 1.2 million readers with personalized content every day


as a starting point

High productivity

Maximum relevance

How Agrio provides farmers with personalized content |

"Ternair's software is flexible and the implementation of the various modules was arranged in no time. Ternair thinks along with the business and they want to accelerate, just like us."

Arjan Goorman
Head of Marketing

40 events per year

from 6 to 40 events per year

Within 1.5 years

from outbound to inbound


Central data driven marketing for all titles

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Omnichannel marketing: what is it and how does our solution work?

You offer customers the best experience with omnichannel marketing. Because they are addressed at the right time via the preferred channel and they can reach you everywhere. Each channel is also connected to another and uses information received by the channel. Therefore, coordinate offline (location, fair, event, direct mail, telemarketing) and online channels and use the most relevant channel for each customer personally at any time.


What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel marketing involves using and combining all possible channels that customers use to communicate with your organization. For example, you coordinate signals at a physical location (in the store) and via digital channels (website, social media, email). You do this 1-on-1, for each customer personally, because customers differ in their preference for channels.

The omnichannel definition reads:

‘Omnichannel encompasses marketing, sales and support across channels and platforms for a cohesive and personalized customer experience with maximum brand experience.’

The goal of omnichannel marketing is to serve your customer as good as possible by using different channels. Only when digital campaigns, online information, personalized email and salespersons in the store contribute to the same goal the customer experience is maximized. This form of marketing brings together all channels to inform the customer at every stage based on the needs experienced at the time.


Why omnichannel marketing?

With omnichannel marketing you build a better relationship with your customer. Customers are bombarded daily with messages from all kinds of companies and organizations. It makes them selective in who they want to keep in touch with. With omnichannel marketing you show customers you understand them. You increase engagement, which gives you three important benefits:

  • Up to 30 percent more sales
    Customers buy from companies where they experience involvement. As soon as you prove that you understand the customer, you lower the threshold to a purchase. This generates an average of 30% more turnover.
  • More repeat purchases
    Engagement leads to more loyalty. Thanks to omnichannel use, you increase the percentage of returning customers. Those repeat customers account for no less than 40 percent of the average turnover.
  • More insight into the customer journey
    More insight into the customer journey. Thanks to the data on the various touchpoints during a customer journey, you can map out more and more clearly at which points and which moments you win the hearts of your customers and where things can be improved.


Omnichannel marketing strategy

A good omnichannel marketing strategy combines three important components:

A good omnichannel marketing strategy ensures a stronger relationship with your customer. You use relationship data and customer preferences to use the right trigger at the right time. This automation guarantees that you share the desired information or experience at every touchpoint.


Omnichannel marketing software

“If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.” Psychologist Maslow saw that any form of boxing or framing leads to more of the same. A bigger, smarter hammer is the result. If you can’t think outside your current toolbox, your solution will be limited.

The same goes for the toolbox of marketers. If your email channel, persona, or current audience segmentation is your truth, that might be manageable, but it limits your ability to get more out of your market.


Omnichannel marketing platform

An omnichannel marketing platform ensures that touchpoints within the customer journey are brought together, can be continuously transformed into dynamic segments and activated in all channels. The omnichannel platform offers opportunities to address customers in the buying phase they are in. The collection of all those signals and opportunities to create experiences provides the overview in order to communicate the most valuable message at the right time.

Omnichannel Marketing for Retail

With omnichannel in Retail you combine communication through channels such as the webshop for product information and ordering, the store for collection, e-mail for the invoice and customer service for returns processes. Instead of separate processes, you can coordinate all this customer data integrally. For example, you can take discount promotions, other recent customer contact and reviews into account. This way you put the customer at the center of Retail, based on an omnichannel marketing strategy that creates a better customer experience.

Omnichannel Marketing for Financial Services

The financial services industry is shifting from product-oriented to a customer-centric approach. Based on customer wishes, preferences and customer characteristics, they look at which product fits best and how it should be offered. This can be an insurance or investment product, but also a collection agency platform, a payment method or term arrangement.

Omnichannel marketing for events, fairs, conferences, training

Exhibition and event organizers recruit visitors and exhibitors through all channels for several months. Visitors are triggered on the basis of their specific interests on various channels, exhibition programs are tightened up and new exhibitors are encouraged to be present. Contacts between the two target groups are established via apps prior to the exhibition/event; specific offers are communicated by email and social media with registered visitors. During exhibition and event days, relevant information is distributed 1-on-1 via app and text messages, based on the exact location of visitors. This is how relevant experiences and encounters are created. Afterwards, contacts and networks are captured and maintained. All channels, content and target groups are optimally used and connected. Unnecessary communication can be skipped, so that the contact pressure can be optimized.


Omnichannel marketing at Ternair

With Ternair you use omnichannel marketing in every sector. Ternair combines the ability to combine all data with CDP (Customer Data Platform) functionality to augment, transform and hyper-segment this data. The platform then activates the data via the built-in and connected channels, in which your (first party) customer data and content are flexibly connected per customer.


Our approach

Our software prevents the need to build a central database with customer data as a first step. Instead, our solution integrates with your existing resources. Thanks to smart synchronization, you prevent the burden on IT and data processes, long waiting times and incorrect assumptions in data models. At the same time, you can easily add up-to-date new customer sources.

With our campaign management tooling you can hyper-segment real-time 1-on-1, without intensive technical knowledge. This is how we make our omnichannel marketing software available to all users. Naturally, our specialists are available to guide teams that are looking for support in setting up their omnichannel marketing or in configuring web services and creating your content templates. You can do it all yourself, but you can also let us do it for you.


FAQ: frequently asked questions about omnichannel marketing

  • What is the origin of omnichannel marketing?
    Omnichannel marketing arose as a response to the increasing multimedia behavior of customers. The use of online and offline resources is becoming increasingly intertwined and the increasing number of channels requires a clear approach to the customer in addition to all the advertising and incentives they encounter.
  • What does omnichannel marketing cost?
    The cost of omnichannel marketing strongly depends on the number of channels and data sources that are combined. Thanks to an average of 30% extra turnover and more loyal customers who on average account for 40% of the turnover, the investment normally pays for itself twice over.
  • What are the benefits of omnichannel marketing?Omnichannel marketing is the optimal communication strategy that both strengthens the relationship with customers and maximizes your chance of conversion, thanks to aligned communication across all available channels. Moreover, you get much better insight into (the touchpoint during) the customer journey and your channels, so that you can optimize your channels and propositions.

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