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Web Push: many subscribers and good response

The channel Web Push, which shows online Notifications from your website, is not used by marketers as well as e-mail, social media, apps and landing pages. Still, Web Push offers the website an (inbound) channel and the advantage of active (outbound) contact without having to collect personal data. It is also a private, owned marketing channel with good results and easy to set up. You can easily activate the channel within Ternair Campaign, a nice benefit for busy marketers.

Besides being simple and effective channel to use, it forces you to use relevant communication. A content and test plan is therefore recommended, although it does not have to be very extensive. If you want to learn more about what Web Push is and how to use it in your channel mix, read this article.

Fast subscriber growth

What are the results? Let’s start with the opt-in. As soon as you activate Web Push, visitors will see an ‘opt-in prompt’: http://www.url.nl wants the following:  .. Allow or Block?


Example web push opt-in | Ternair.com


The results of our extensive test exceeded expectations. Of 246,000 gross visitors in two months, 26,500 registered to receive the Web Push Notifications. In net terms, the response percentage is much higher than 11% because for the sake of relevancy only visitors who visited more than 3 pages were shown the opt-in. Also, not all users saw the opt-in because not all browsers support the functionality in each operating system. So in 2 months you gain an outbound channel with an additional 26,500 subscribers based on a well-thought-out strategy, but without extensive recruitment activities. A dream for marketers.


“In 2 months an outbound channel with 26,500 subscribers without extensive recruitment activities. A dream for marketers.”


Response exceeds other channels

If we look at the response to Web Push Notifications, again we see excellent figures. We know Click Through Rates (ctr) from advertisements, including the target group-oriented, from social media posts and from e-mail. Except for e-mail, two decimal places are often needed to indicate results. If we compare Web Push Notifications at item level with e-mail – after all a Web Push Notification contains only one item – the ctr on Web Push notifications turns out to be more than 10 times (!) higher than the same Notification in e-mail! Voila, a wonderful complementary channel for breaking news, unique offerings and special services.


Integrated Ternair Channel

As a Ternair customer, the Web Push channel is integrated on your platform. You can easily set it up via the tutorial (also as a video) and you can get started right away. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for better ROI and customer loyalty! We will of course continue to develop Web Push for optimal combinations in your customer data and channel mix.



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Do you want to know more about Ternair's Web Push functionality?

Send Web Push Notifications using Ternair


Send Web Push Notifications using Ternair