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Send Web Push Notifications using Ternair

A new customer channel is available for Ternair users; you can now use Web Push. Web Push Messages, also called Browser Push Notifications or Push Notifications, are messages from your website that are displayed via the browser on a laptop, desktop or mobile.

This customer channel arose from the need to be able to send messages from websites, just like native apps. A big advantage is that users subscribe for this channel without submitting personal data, like e-mail and SMS. Also, no download are needed, like when using an App. However, users must give explicit permission to receive messages. These are shown when the browser is started, regardless whether the user is active on your website. They are used for (breaking) news, unique offerings and to create more engagement on the website. The appearance of a Web Push message differs per browser and also per operating system.


Results Web Push Messages

The opt-in and response results of the channel are surprisingly good. Surprising, because many actually expected Web Push – the name says it all – to come across ‘pushery’. Like ads that appear as a pop-up. Sometimes immediately after opening a page and completely out of context. It soon became clear that this channel had to move in a different direction and that was partly enforced by the browsers themselves, who have every interest in a pleasant web experience. Fortunately, Web Push now increasingly explains what users can expect, at what time, and what choices they can make. With those developments this channel, with the right timing and content tailored to expectations and user wishes, turns out to be an extremely valuable tool. Due to the low entry, the number of subscribers is growing rapidly and the conversion on messages is excellent.

What is a Good Web Push Message?

A good message consists of

  • an image, preferably in HD, to attract attention and recognition with the sender, for example through the logo.
  • A short and concise message. Displayed messages are scanned briefly, so the first sentence should communicate content.
  • Most importantly, immediate action is expected. That is the power of a Push message. And also a risk, because if the target group, timing, and content are insufficiently relevant, the effect of this channel decreases quickly.


Easy come, easy go

Although users do not have to submit any data and a click on ‘allow’ is sufficient for an opt-in, the same applies the other way around. Once refused, the chance that a user will change his or her browser settings to consent is low. So focus on relevant timing and information and limit yourself to highlight moments. A weekly offer is much less suitable than a rare ‘on = gone’.


Easy to set up

An advantage of the channel is that as a sender you have installed it quickly. A limited number of settings with your Web Push provider and some code in your website is sufficient. After this you can fully focus on the crucial success factors: content, timing (and frequency) and target group. Your recipient’s short attention span and limited space forces to pursue a very clear goal with your messages. Think of reminders based on visited content, breaking news and time-bound alerts.

For Ternair users, the additional advantage is that Web Push is now fully integrated on your platform in the Campaign channels.


Using Web Push vs other Channels

Of course you use all your channels, omnichannel. Most marketers wish to ensure every channel contributes to their contact with prospects and customers, and therefore to engagement and conversion. Each channel contributing its own function and purpose.


Compared to marketing a (native) App, Web Push is an attractive choice. Development times of native apps are relatively long and boosting downloads and usage is time consuming and cost intensive. Web Push is an excellent alternative to a native App, especially for organizations with a relatively low transaction frequency. In any case, do not send Web Push notifications to users who already have App Push Notifications enabled. In the perception of users, the channels are too similar, therefore it is experienced as an annoying overlap.


Web Push messages do not run the risk of ending up in a spam folder, such as e-mails. It is also not blocked by ad blockers, but displayed directly in the browser. Even if your website is not open. On mobile, it will show up in the notification shade just like App push notifications. Relevancy and timing play a major role. While smart email personalization based on data makes you increasingly relevant to readers, Web Push messages are sensitive to subscriptions and unsubscriptions. That requires clear objectives and a content planning and test plan for the channel.

Text message

Web Push is a channel you use when your target group is active online, directly linked to the purpose of your website. So for B2B during working hours, for B2C outside working hours. Then the browser is open and the relevance is highest. The SMS channel can be used more widely than your website, especially at times where service or (mobile) location plays a major role. Such as, for example, sending personal data or confirmations. Incidentally, Web Push messages are very suitable as a service channel for website users.


One of the most important lessons is not to copy cross-channel reporting. You can sometimes make references to channels in your omnichannel strategy or use channels sequentially. Never copy messages blindly. Follow your user’s footsteps and consider when they use which device in which context or expect to be able to use content (your messages!).

Start Web Push today

  1. Create goals for the channel. Start with focus on one objective and test several times. For example: the use of the website, breaking news, special topics/offers or service messages.
  2. Then draw up a content and test plan,
  3. Install the Web Push functionality.
  4. Measure optin, send, receive and click rates per message via your statistics. A thorough calm build-up is crucial, because in this channel the first impression is crucial.

If you succeed, you have obtained a fantastic expansion of your customer channels, which you can realign with and can reinforce the other channels!

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Do you want to know more about Ternair's Web Push functionality?

Web Push: many subscribers and good response


Web Push: many subscribers and good response