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How to attract 10% more visitors to your event

With the use of SEO, content marketing and marketing automation, RAI Amsterdam attracted 10% more visitors for the Aquatech Amsterdam 2019 fair. Exhibitor rebooking for next event in 2021 reached a record 62% during the fair.

Solutions & Results

  • 24% organic growth exhibition website
  • 92% of website visitors are recognized, of which more than 65% can be e-mailed
  • 59% average CTO
  • 23% growth of the marketing database
  • 12% more registrations
  • 10% more visitors
  • 62% rebook by exhibitors for 2021: exhibition record!
  • 8.1 average exhibitor rating


“While we used to send eight or ten bulk mailings for the trade fair, in 2019 it was only three personalised mailings per recipient. The frequency of our emails can therefore be reduced, whilst the effectiveness is higher. This brought a new marketing approach for the RAI. For all international trade fairs and probably also the national trade fairs, we will now use the combination of personalised content and automated mailings.”

Annelie Koomen, Senior Brand Marketing Manager RAI Amsterdam


About RAI Amsterdam
RAI Amsterdam is an international exhibition and conference organisation. The RAI brings people together, connecting and inspiring them by organising and facilitating meaningful encounters. This applies equally to everything from consumer exhibitions and major conferences to dance events and theatre productions.

As a facilitating party, RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre creates the ideal conditions for inspiring meetings to take place and strong ties to develop. As the organising party, RAI Exhibitions connects context, content and communities in a wide range of national and international consumer and professional trade fairs.

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