Ternair Clicks (website recognition)

Identify and recognize individual click behavior on your website and use it as first party data. Opt-in, because customer trust is your foundation. Current visitor behavior provides a lot of valuable data. You can combine it with transaction data, log-ins, downloads and email data. To use it for relevant communication.

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 What will we do?

  • Setup data model, user interface and admin
  • Installation Fingerprint script and Tag manager
  • Setup data processes for Clicks
  • Unlock data in Ternair Campaign
  • User training


What will it bring you?

  • Identify and save click behavior of every visitor
  • Uses opt-in trackers, digital fingerprints and/or log-in data
  • Enriched visitor profiles, 360-degree customer view
  • Personalized content for relevant experience
  • Reduces dependency on Google data


For whom?

  • All customers communicating increasingly with prospects and clients through their websites without knowing who the visitors are


Delivery time

  • A few weeks, depending on the desired categorization of visitor clicks



  • €6000.- (year license) + €2000.- for implementation
  • Incl. 10 million Clicks in data source

From anonymous to lead

Get to know and understand individual visitors. Follow up with relevantly timed information. A wealth of First Party data that will bring you additional leads.

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    Ternair Clicks (website recognition)

    Ternair Clicks (website recognition)