Effective customer acquisition with lead nurturing and leadscoring

By offering targeted content DTG converts visitors from into leads. To capture and identify these leads as well as to deliver them at the right sales moment, DTG was looking for a lead nurturing processes. By using the Ternair Marketing Cloud, leads that reach the right lead score are automatically delivered to sales, at just the right moment. 

DTG wants to grow in terms of the number of customers. In order to make this happen, DTG needed a process that effectively recruits new customers amongst ‘suspects’ and ‘prospects’. It also needs a lead nurturing process that keeps these suspects and prospects informed with relevant content at every step of the process, and converts them to customers.

Lead nurturing and lead scoring

In the Ternair Marketing Cloud a ‘single customer view’ of all particular customers is created, consisting of profile information, contacts, contracts, as well as click behavior. In order to subsequently convert visitors into leads, a process of lead scoring proceeds, based on downloads, participation in workshops and other contact moments with DTG. To feed this process, fully automated, event-driven campaigns are sent, based on (real-time) behavioural data and lead scores.

Once they have been qualified, leads are automatically sent as ‘sales task’ to DTG’s customer relationship management (CRM) system. These leads are visible to sales through a lead form, so that all underlying information on the prospect or customer is available and transparent. In this way, sales can respond effectively to the situation of the leads. Finally, reporting is deployed  in order to measure and report on the sales funnel.


“DTG has selected the Ternair Marketing Cloud because this platform provides all the functionality needed to manage and initiate all interactions with customers and prospects via all channels. In addition, the expertise of the Ternair team, and the speed they work at, played an important role. The implementation was ready in the blink of an eye, including the customisation in order to connect the platform with DTG’s processes and organisational structure. As a result, the time to market decreased considerably – from days to minutes. Moreover, the quality as well as the conversion of leads has improved considerably. On top of that, Ternair also allows us to further optimise the business impact throughout the marketing and sales funnel.”


Speed and efficiency

Since the implementation of the Ternair Marketing Cloud, DTG’s lead nurturing process has improved considerably. Every day, more than 250 leads are captured and followed up by using the Ternair Marketing Cloud. Leads that reach the sales qualified lead score are delivered to sales automatically, at just the right moment.

By automating manual work, DTG has realised a cost saving situation. In addition, the time to market has shortened considerably. Whereas in the past, sales leads were distributed only after a few days. However, this is now realised (near) real-time, and that has considerably improved the quality of, and the conversion rate for leads.


About DTG
DTG offers practical online marketing services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Netherlands. The Amterdam based company helps entrepreneurs to be found easier, to present themselves online and to get in touch with new customers.

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