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Product news March 2022

Another channel to reach your target audiences via Ternair. You can now send Web Push messages via Campaign. A channel with surprising conversion rates and easy to use for more engagement on your website.​​​​​​​

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Web Push: many subscribers and good response |

Customer channel

What is a Web Push Message?

A short message from a website that is displayed via the web browser. Recipients must give permission to continue receiving the messages, but they don’t need to submit data.

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How to use it in Campaign? |

Setting up Web Push

How to use it in Campaign?

We made a short instructional video. This is how to set up Web Push and send messages. Simple and fast, try it out yourself and activate this customer channel.

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How does Web Push convert? |


How does Web Push convert?

In the end, it’s all about reach, opt-in and conversions. The results of Web Push are good compared to other channels and it delivers extra outbound options with little effort.

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Web Push: many subscribers and good response |

Success factors

What should I pay attention to?

As easy as you can set up the channel and gain subscribers, you will lose them with irrelevant or too much communication. So make sure you have a clear plan and goal to add value with Web Push messages.

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