Customer Journey Action plan

Ideal if you lack capacity or knowledge and still want to take steps. Together we create a customized Customer Journey Action Plan. We determine the automations and personalizations that will save you time and realize conversions and can be realized quickly.

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What will we do?

  • Half-day session with 2 specialists
  • Visualization Customer Journey and determining touchpoints
    Examples: lead recognition flow, payment flow, sales lead flow, onboarding flow
  • Effort/impact analysis
  • Create Marketing Automation Action Plan
  • Full day implementation


 What will it bring you?

  • Us all Ternair Capabilities in your Customer Journeys
  • 80-20 rule: high impact, low effort campaigns are completed first
  • A clear Action Plan creates internal clarity and commitment


 For whom?

  • Interested prospects that want to make a flying start
  • Ternair customers who are not yet making the most of all options
  • Ternair customers who are currently short of capacity


Planning & Investment

  • In consultation: on location at Ternair or your organization
  • The entire process can be completed within 2 weeks
  • €2500.-
  • Also as part of Service Pack

Use our expertise!

Get internal commitment and acceleration with a concrete business plan. Use our expertise in determining which automations and personalizations will bring you huge time savings and conversion immediately.

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