Social Media campaigns & Ternair

In this training you will combine data with social media channels. You will learn how to enrich prospects from social channels with First Party data and to select Audiences from your data as (re)marketing target groups and custom audiences for your socials.

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What will we do?

  • Half-day training
  • Link our accounts
  • Export leads
  • Follow up leads
  • Integrate channels and CRM


What will it bring you?

  • Your social media accounts contain valuable leads
  • Convert Social Followers to First Party Data
  • Save advertising budget by creating the right target audiences
  • (Re)target and personalize customer relationships omnichannel


For whom?

  • All Ternair customers


Planning & Investment

  • Half-day training at your location or at Ternair. €295.- per participant
  • Incompany is possible on request
  • Also part of Service Pack

Be. Omni. Channel.

Make sure you reach your relations via their preferred channel. Your data is integrally available in Ternair for each channel, so get the most out of an omnichannel approach! Training date and location to be determined in consultation with participants.

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