Cross channel direct marketing based on a 360º customer view

RAI Amsterdam wanted to significantly increase the efficiency of its marketing team, so that not every mailshot had to be compiled separately. By using the Ternair Marketing Cloud, the entire customer journey to an event can be planned at once.

During the preparation of the exhibitions, RAI Amsterdam sends invitations out to potential and actual visitors and exhibitors. Each year, RAI Amsterdam sends out around 1200 mailshots. The company always used to be composed entirely in house: from address selection to writing content and distribution. In order to increase efficiency and target relevant customers at the right moment, RAI Amsterdam was looking for a campaign management solution.

Connect and integrate data sources

In two months’ time, Ternair implemented its campaign management solution, in which all underlying data sources regarding customer data are connected and integrated, among other:

  • the marketing database;
  • the ERP system;
  • the customer pyramid;
  • the ticketing system;
  • the environments in which the exhibitors offer their content.


“RAI Amsterdam uses of the Ternair Marketing Cloud. The combination of these solutions, offers us the ability to keep our data up to date in regard to the marketing operation. This enables us to interact with our customers in a relevant and direct manner. The Ternair Marketing Cloud also offers us a variety of possibilities for further optimisation of our client interaction, such as lead generation and personalisation.”


Cross channel campaign management

By using the Ternair Marketing Cloud, RAI Amsterdam can respond in real time to all sorts of events that occur during and after an exhibition visit. Using triggers, visitors and exhibitors can be selected and approached. The selection is performed directly in the source data, so nothing needs to be imported into a separate environment. Through email, text messaging and push messages on various websites, relevant target audiences can be approached at the right moment.

Since the implementation, the marketing team of RAI Amsterdam has been able to work much more efficiently, because not every mailshot has to be compiled separately, but the entire customer journey to an event can be planned at once. These days, the team conducts 300 campaigns a year, through which 65% of exhibition registrations are made.


About RAI Amsterdam
RAI Amsterdam is an international exhibition and conference organisation. As a facilitating party, RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre creates the ideal conditions for inspiring meetings to take place and strong ties to develop. As the organising party, RAI Exhibitions connects context, content and communities in a wide range of national and international consumer and professional trade fairs.


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