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As  a user you like to work with tools that make your work easier. And as a super-user you like advanced features which will help you to create data-driven automated customer journeys. At Ternair we get this. We are here for you!

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I often encounter problems with incomplete customer data. How does that work with Ternair?

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With Ternair Marketing Cloud we can connect customer data from multiple data sources. No more data silos or incomplete data, but all customer data available within one platform.

Is your software tool easy to work with?

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Ternair Marketing Cloud is a user-friendly and intuitive tool which enables you to create campaigns fast and easy via drag & drop features without knowledge of IT. A short training helps you to start right away.

How much freedom do I have within the tool to build something myself?

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Ternair offers a comprehesive set of advanced, self-service features to segment, modify, use and automate customer data and content within campaigns. And if you have a question. No worries, our team of experts is happy to help you.

We love a good success story

Bouwmaat: How do you create a personalized omnichannel shopping experience? | Ternair

"With the real-time use of customer insights, Bouwmaat also brings its personal approach to the digital channels. This omnichannel customer experience is now delivered through 48 branches, and through full personalization with the mobile app, on the website and in email communications."

Nick Vieberink
Marketing Manager & E-commerce

1 layout

80.000 e-mails with personalized content


growth in online orders


average customer rating

How KLM approaches 10 million customers |

"We send the iFly KLM Magazine to 10 million customers worldwide. Everything has to be correct in the e-mails, they have to be sent in a tightly regulated time schedule to manage the loads on the servers and fit within the local e-mail schedules. Ternair enables us to manage all this complexity while quality is guaranteed and costs remain manageable."

Marc Jansz
Customer Media Manager


million recipients in 80 countries in 5 different languages


time savings due to data-driven 1-1 email template


more opened mails due to personalization

How Springer Nature achieves 50% more conversion |

"With Ternair we can automatically choose the right time to send certain messages. The flows are tailored to the interests that someone shows. We have an overview of the entire process and are increasingly aware of who to send what and when, so that we do not bother anyone with our messages."

Michael Dam
Marketing Manager


more opened e-mails



20% - 30%

reduction in opt-out

"Vesting Finance is currently undertaking a digital transformation of the processes. Ternair has given us great support. We took a pilot-based approach to the implementation, gradually expanding it throughout the organisation as per Ternair's advice. With Ternair's help, we now have better insight into the campaigns, email promotions and the automated email flows. We highly recommend Ternair!"

Conrad Doornheim
Senior Data Intelligence Consultant


increase in the number of online payments


payment convenience



How RAI Amsterdam attracts 10% more visitors for its events |

"With the use of SEO, content marketing and marketing automation, the RAI achieved 10% percent more visitors for the Aquatech Amsterdam 2019 fair. Exhibitor rebooking for 2021 reached a record of 62% at the show."

Annelie Koomen
Senior Brand Marketing Manager


more registrations


more visitors


rebook by exhibitors for 2021. Record!

"Vakmedianet has chosen Ternair because of its professionalism. The software is flexible enough to be adapted to our needs, robust enough to be used as a professional tool and sufficiently user-friendly to be used by the business itself. A typical example of the best of both worlds. By using the Ternair Marketing Cloud we save time and achieve higher productivity. We also see a better result in clicks and openers, among other things."

Ceesjan de Vos
Head of Marketing & Business Development

1.2 million readers

Provide 1.2 million readers with personalized content every day

High engagement

High productivity

MindCampus: How smarter e-mail marketing leads to a tripling of conversion | Ternairverdrievoudigd | Ternair

"The strength of Ternair is that they can quickly relate to the problem. Thanks to the Ternair Marketing Cloud, we can communicate with our target group in a structured way. We no longer lose time with internal coordination and searches, but can focus on output."

Pieter Lieverse
Managing Director


more conversion


more opened mails


conversion via remarketing emails

This is what you can expect

No hassle with data

No more data silos or incomplete data, but all customer data available within one platform. You can immediately start with segmenting your target groups based on complete data.

Get more done

Build campaigns quickly and automate execution. Manage and run a lot of campaigns, even with a small team. With Ternair you get more done and you achieve better results.

Freedom without limits

Anyone can get started with our extended features from easy to advanced and from basic users to super users. No dependencies and no limits; you are in charge.

What users say about our tool?

"Ternair gives freedom. Setting up or improving processes can be complex but it becomes even more complicated without freedom. Ternair gives us the building blocks to configure what we need, both in the suite and in connection with our own applications. By working with Ternair consultants, we can achieve a lot in a short time frame."

Mark van Dorresteijn
Project Manager

"Ternair is an extremely user-friendly software solution for email marketing. It works particularly well for creating emails. Setting up a/b tests and making selections also works well."

Thomas Karsdorp
Online Marketer

"The extensive possibilities and flexibility of the Ternair Platform help us achieve our marketing objectives every day. Ternair provides active input by acting as a partner in the collaboration. This enables us to stay relevant in our interactions with our customers."

Mark de Bra
Database Marketer

"At VluchtelingenWerk, we are delighted with the services provided by Ternair and the partnership we have with them. Solutions are sought and found with great flexibility and professionalism. Issues are resolved fast and satisfactorily. Ternair makes an important contribution to the marketing communications of VluchtelingenWerk."

Aase Kretzschmar
Communications adviser

"We have been working with Ternair since 2018. Vesting Finance is currently in a digital transformation of the processes. Ternair has given us great support. Based on the advice of Ternair we started with a pilot and then gradually expanding it step-by-step throughout the organization. With the help of Ternair we now have better insight into the campaigns, email promotions and the automated email flows. We highly recommend Ternair!"

Conrad Doornheim
Senior Data Intelligence Consultant

"Thanks to this advanced tool, we have now taken numerous steps in the field of email marketing. For example, we set up various retargeting campaigns that have boosted our conversion ratio."

Dianne Ramakers
Online Marketer

"I have been working with the people from Ternair since 2015. Since then, we have taken big steps together in terms of emailings, tracking, personalization, etc. Personally, I like the fact that we have a dedicated Ternair team, who often visit us, people who are familiar with the culture and processes at Vakmedianet and who feel more like direct colleagues."

Martijn Roskam
Online Coordinator

"We enjoy working with Ternair. They think in terms of the business and not just technology. Furthermore, they act fast and that is important to us. With Ternair Marketing Cloud we have a real-time connection to the existing systems with the great advantage that all the data is always up to date."

Richard van Yperen
Online Strategist

"We have chosen for Ternair due to the rapid implementation and enormous flexibility which the solution offers: from process messages like a welcome mail to building a complete customer journey. The organization behind Ternair works very well: having problems or need support? Ternair responds fast, with expert knowledge and above all their are flexibel. The combination of their solution and the flexible organization has really boosted our conversions."

Wim Verbeek
Database Analyst / Marketer

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